By smiles - 03/12/2014 01:14 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I had a performance. I have to go bra-less to wear my gown and I didn't want any peek-a-boos. I asked my boyfriend to bring "large band-aids" without telling him why I needed them. He brought waterproof, top-notch tough ones. They're still stuck to me, and are not coming off anytime soon. FML
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Try warm water, should take most of the ouch away :-)

So maybe rub it off with some oil? your boyfriend will help you for sure ;)


they will soon. good thing they worked. I've never heard that one before. I've heard of pennies, and using those gel/silicone ones but not bandaids.

Straight up taping pennies to your nips? I feel like in a cold room that would just result in making it look like you have extremely thick nipples.

not taping them, just placing them on your nip nips. worked for me

Wait that's even more confusing. How do they stay in place..?


That's unfortunate OP, but next time go to a sex shop and buy pasties :)

I would rather people see my damn nipples than have my dress open and there be ******* pennies stuck to my boobs. That's just ridiculous

Try warm water, should take most of the ouch away :-)

yeah, and take it off very very slowly, or rip it off as fast as you can and get it over with.

Waterproof :/ I'm guessing they gave it a try

Fire works too but be careful charred nips aren't fun.

Definitely the best idea. Peel up one side a little bit and run the warm water to start deactivating the adhesive until it comes off easily.

Nipple-B-gone. The things women have to do to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. I applaud you all, but pray it malfunctions anyhow.

Best way is to rip em off in one go, more painful then slowly pulling but the pain is over quick.

I don't know, I think it would damage the nipples. Next time explain what you want exactly OP.

There is a non-adhesive part of the bandaid which should be covering her nipples. If it id not the she deserves it.

Like 58 said the part covering the nips isn't the sticky part so unless op has harry nips it shouldn't hurt much more than anywhere else.

#58, the sticky part of the band aid might still be on the nipple depending how big they are and/or how big the band aid is.

That's a really scary thought that someone's nipples could be so big, that a large bandaide wouldn't cover them. they're usually about 3" by 2" bandaids. Those would be some very large nipples

So maybe rub it off with some oil? your boyfriend will help you for sure ;)

Rub in some oil, loosens up the adhesive. :)

Ya, drizzle the oil everywhere then rub it in everywhere and then... Sorry what were we talking about again?

Hey atleast they worked! Jump in the shower and let the water hit them and they will slowly come off but make sure you try to pull a bit of the edge off to get water inside

Haha, you have to be specific with us guys duhh

That's sweet that your man came packed with heavy duty shit.

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well yea he really didnt want anyone to see anything lol

32, he didn't know what they were for.