By RustyRuski - 29/12/2013 22:58 - United States - Greenwood

Today, my boyfriend told me that we need to talk. I think he dumped me, but I'm not sure, because he muttered it in Russian and quickly left. FML
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Sounds like he got Russian out the door pretty quick...

He's a pussy


talk to him about it :)

thats probably easier said than done if when he said they needed to talk he acted the way he did.

He probably had to take a shit and ran off and pulled an Elvis. Not really but I did crack a laugh at that image.

I think they already tried that !!!

11, talking about things is the only thing that isn't easier said than done.

Maybe he told you he is gay... Which in turn would be a away of dumping you. Sorry OP.

Sounds like he got Russian out the door pretty quick...

Damian95 16

He probably had to go back to his mother.

Dammit i was gonna say that!

oj101 33

Haha, reminds me of the joke I posted before. Guy: Yo, I'm Hungary Friend: Why don't you Czech the fridge? Guy: Ok i'm Russian to the fridge Friend: Hmm... maybe you'll find some Turkey there Guy: Yeah I have some but it's covered in a layer of Greece. YUCK! Friend: Ew, there is Norway you are eating that!

He's a pussy

Talk to him, it probably will turn out to be not what you thought!

Do you know how it's pronounced? I could tell you what he said if you do.

challan 19

Vashi zhenskiye roli pakhnut' ikroy.

-_- Not sure if joking or real answer.

I knw it aint funny bt ur comment

I know it's not funny when you don't use proper grammar.

challan 19

#33 I said... your female parts smell like caviar. (I'm guessing that's what he muttered.)

know and but happy? stop being funny ass

Did he do it for mother Russia

challan 19

Well Op, lots of Russian mail order brides and grooms left. Get yourself a bigger and better one.

so, it can choke OP to death? No thank you. :D

Put words into google translate, and find out what he said using the weird speaking part of it, although it might not be completely accurate.

ashalayx 13

how do you know it was russian lol

Maybe her boyfriend is russian?

challan 19

Put the crack pipe down, and step away from the comments. Thank you.

Also, Russian is pretty distinct.

Also, Maybe OP is russian?

Maybe she understands russian?

In Soviet Russia, you dump your boyfriend! Oh wait, that can happen here too..

I thought in Soviet Russia, boyfriend dumps you.

Can we please not do these....

In Soviet Russia, you can send another guy a comrade request on stachebook.