By penny-dropping - United States
Today, while packing my luggage from vacation I thought I saw a penny drop into my bag. After looking everywhere I couldn't find it. Now that I am home I found out that I had mistaken a cockroach for a penny. I now have a family of cockroaches living in my luggage. FML
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  EmreArslan  |  11

@20 Thailand.

@31 You can make them come to you and tell them its the most exquisite [ sorry if it's wrong] cochroach they will get to see and maybe ask even more money for it.

  MagicallyFat  |  12

I'm with 25 hhaha I'd bug out if I had a family of roaches on any of my stuff. I wouldn't even think about dousing that's bit in gasoline and burning the whole thing down

  sammy_mojo  |  7

I agree, spiders are 10 times worse. Roaches are gross but I can deal with them, spiders on the other hand...I hate being that chick who runs from spiders but that's how it goes lol Even so, I would prefer spiders to centipedes! I hate those things!

  sammy_mojo  |  7

79 - I can deal with them as in I can kill them, I would be able to touch the luggage to throw it away. If they were spiders I probably wouldn't be able to go into that room until I knew they were all dead lol