By penny-dropping - 16/04/2012 04:24 - United States

Today, while packing my luggage from vacation I thought I saw a penny drop into my bag. After looking everywhere I couldn't find it. Now that I am home I found out that I had mistaken a cockroach for a penny. I now have a family of cockroaches living in my luggage. FML
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demonkonga 5

1 Spray it with pesticide 2 burn that shit and laugh like a maniac 3 throw it away and buy a new one

Why were you searching that much for a penny, anyway?


Sell the cockroaches for 1 dollar in a country where they eat it. More pennies for you ;)

demonkonga 5

Yeh i bet u eat that sht dnt u

Which country would that be exactly # one??

Traveling isn't free

@20 Thailand. @31 You can make them come to you and tell them its the most exquisite [ sorry if it's wrong] cochroach they will get to see and maybe ask even more money for it.

I would rather eat my foot.

Hey, cockroaches like to go on vacations, too, you know.

demonkonga 5

1 Spray it with pesticide 2 burn that shit and laugh like a maniac 3 throw it away and buy a new one

mhopper 13

I would probably do all of the above, but instead of laughing, I'd cry and twitch. Cockroaches. Ewwww!!!!

lavitaebella_fml 0


I'm with 25 hhaha I'd bug out if I had a family of roaches on any of my stuff. I wouldn't even think about dousing that's bit in gasoline and burning the whole thing down

Marcella1016 31

Lock the suitcase in a small room and bomb it with those smoke bombs. If you just unpack it like nothing happened your house will probably become infested :(

The cockroach was like, "My bus!! Hah! caught it." They learned from us, the ways of fast travelling. xD

Why were you searching that much for a penny, anyway?

Every penny counts, op takes that literally,

OP's Jewish faith is stronger than ever after Passover last weekend.

Clearly, OP didn't search that hard because they didn't find the cockroach!

In Op's case she should of searched more for that "penny" but I don't know it might be hard to find a running penny?!

That is exactly what I was thinking. If I saw a penny fall in there I would be like whatever.

I can't stand loose change in my bags. Don't know why. So I'd do what op did. After reading this ill be even more likely to.

great more cockroaches lol

That sucks! I hate cockroaches.

No? I thought everyone loved cockroaches. Thank you for your ever so needed comment about your distaste in cockroaches.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Shouldn't this read "mistaken a cockroach for a penny"?

Shadow_Phantom 26

*salutes* Yay! Thanks, mods.

RedPillSucks 31

Am I the only one thinking like Beevus and Butthead with all this Cockroach and Rectumfied? Just me????

SignUpisntcool 3

* beavis, sorry I watch that show alot and you have to spell his name right.

KeenJane 9

*a lot. If you're going to correct someone's spelling, you should at least get all of the words right.

were you staying at a 1 star motel?

Maybe a "hostel"?

Nope, just the cockroach hotel.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

At least they're not spiders

Roaches are worse

I agree roaches are worse..but spiders are gross too.

I can't decide which is worse.

No way! Spiders are much worse! Eight freaking looong legs! Ewwww!

I agree, spiders are 10 times worse. Roaches are gross but I can deal with them, spiders on the other hand...I hate being that chick who runs from spiders but that's how it goes lol Even so, I would prefer spiders to centipedes! I hate those things!

Point made spiders suck! Cockroaches are gross!

But spiders are everywhere...roaches aren't..

61 - "roaches suck, but I can deal with them" WTF!?

79 - I can deal with them as in I can kill them, I would be able to touch the luggage to throw it away. If they were spiders I probably wouldn't be able to go into that room until I knew they were all dead lol

pm_sky 0

time for new luggage

nexttonothing 0

I hate roaches I would throw my whole luggage away they tend to multiply fast