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No babies for you.

WIN! The man knows how to shoot.


No babies for you.

Dad's gonna shoot your boyfriend like he shot you

Hopefully her dad doesn't know voodoo.

Don'tcha love protective fathers? You are his baby girl after all.

I was just shooting with my daughter... When suddenly, a wild boyfriend appears! Boyfriend used douche pose. Boyfriend missed. Father uses groin shot. It's super effective!

Looks like his pokeballs got blow off.

crotch shot?

29- I'm pretty sure op is a girl

31- You are win! :-D

64, that was the whole point of the comment.

Im gonna laugh if your boyfriend felt that... Enough said

WIN! The man knows how to shoot.


Dad, what a ballsey effort

@34 more like headshot ;D

Indeed! That man deserves a 'like' button on him!

suddenly. dickless boyfriend.

I don't think he'd really count as her bf after that.. More like a Very close eunuch. .....friend. ... ^_-

Hey, I know the girl who posted this, and her bf. It wasn't so sudden.

You're lucky. My father used shape charges on mannequins with my Bfs picture on it

Umm aren't you a guy? Well maybe I should say gay...

Shooting my child's boyfriends balls Like a boss

Now he can't jizz in his pants

Or have a dick in a box

53 just lost the game

40, dick in a box balls in a bag

Looks like you're adoptin'.

Lol that's something my dad and brother would really do

If you wanted to scare your dad back, you could have pretended to kiss the wound better.

BOOM! ..nut shot?

I see what you did there.

That's just like in the old game combat arms…

It's still a head shot... Just the other head :p