By CMANIA - 07/09/2009 22:19 - United States

Today, at work, I accidentally got ink on my white dress shirt - right by my left nipple. Absentmindedly, I licked my finger and tried rubbing the stain out. When I looked up, the Vice President was staring at me in disbelief. FML
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That wasn't disbelief, it was amazement and arousal. (You mean "ink" not "pen".)

He only wishes he could've "accidentally" gotten "ink" on your nipple ;D


That wasn't disbelief, it was amazement and arousal. (You mean "ink" not "pen".)

i'm assuming the OP changed "pen" to "ink" ??????

That's what I thought too...

Ahah! I'm not alone!

Yeah. I think one of the staff members did, actually.

Intoxi, I know it would be for me! Oh, baby~ lmfao OP, that's just great

If your VP is a girl, keep rubbing and stare her in the eye. You never knoooww..

obama posted this

it says ink.

He only wishes he could've "accidentally" gotten "ink" on your nipple ;D

I swear, boss, my pen(is) got ink all over me.

Retard! You don't get it, op is a GUY! Fail.

Homosexuality exists, dumbass

and its at that point you should have laughed it off and joked about it......not just sit there and let it become a FML

Lmao you're awesome!

he'd be too busy picking his nose.

LMAO!!!! that i favorited the fml you reffered to. It's my favorite.

I'm sorry! I accidentally hit the dislike button, cause I'm doing this on my phone.... I meant like!!!!

lol im sorry but thats funny

LOL!!!! This is the best fml ever!!!!

"...I ran on whiskey and burned like gas, I went too far, I went too fast I’d light a fire, just to walk right through it Busted bones, dreams and tears, tattoo my heart like souvenirs life is just a word till you go through it, I’ve got the scars to prove it I lost good friends over foolish pride, drank with the devil just to feel alive I’d build a mountain, then I'd try to move it yeah and I thought that I was pretty tough, till I was brought down by a woman’s touch I got the scars to prove it..." And to add to this list today, i saw another man rub his nipple at me. This shall achieve it's own verse....

what the?!?!

you HAVE to show me the next verse in this

hahaha thats something that would happen to me.

I doubt saliva can make ink come off clothes.

Haha, win #2, just what we were all thinking. XD -------- Vlog =