By queenlatifa101bebe - 10/12/2011 02:48 - United States

Today, my boyfriend left me for my neighbor. Her name is Hope. She'd better "hope" I don't take a dump in her yard. FML
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I like that grin. Fits the "evil" plan mood

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Just my luck, I find someone with the same name as me and she's a total bitch.

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This is more a FHL if she finds your shit in her yard.

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Yeah. Maybe it was that attitude right there that got you in this predicament. Ever consider that?

This FML should read: Today my boyfriend's crazy ex-girlfriend took a crap on my lawn, FML.

OP crapping in her yard is your right! Go do it!

Haha you seldom get girls who talks like this... 'Take a dump' loool

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Op should get a dog and train it to poo in her neighbors yard. :P

Wait.. So she wants to take a dump on her yard just because her boyfriend left op for her? Don't you think that that's a little over the top? I realize you're heartbroken, but come on op, move on. You couldn't have expected him to love you forever.

I used to take dumps in people's yards...then I took an arrow in the knee.

OP he left you for her, he didn't cheat on you, people have every right to be with whoever makes them happy. I see no evidence that he did anything to you, so maybe you should get over it. Do you wonder why he left you? From this one short story the rest of us have a pretty clear idea.

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It's ok, her mom's probably a serial killer.

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i see y he broke up wit u. well try too move on kk? their will be other dudes. haha i did that on purpose just to annoy you grammar nazi's :)

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...cause that's not trashy...

She's just venting! No one likes to be dumped, especially for another woman... That would make me feel like shit. Now read this comment again... DUMPED, SHIT; this FML is just a play on her feelings. Now, have some sympathy and imagine how CRAPPY she must feel.

You "dump" me, I "dump" you :O that's really gross and disturbing, girls don't poop!

OP needs to think of a better revenge. Such as taking a dump on them while they sleep.

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Like dump by the furnace intake to their house so the whole house smells like shit.

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I would shit in her pillow. oh yeeeah...

Aha you got that of that failblog comment hun?

wipe your ass with her pillow case and give her pink eye

That's both sad and descusting....

Seriously..? I still wait for the day when people can actually spell...

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6- Even though you spelled "because" as "cus" in your next comment. Nice use of irony.

People make mistakes :) good thing I'm not a people! Himynameiskrista, you're adorable :D sorry for creepin' :o

It's not the fact that he abbreviated it; it's because he is being hypocritical. If you are trying to abbreviate because, it's 'cause, not cus. Grammar Nazis FTW!

Sorry, would you like me to spell them out like this? Because it is just easier to abbreviate words, which I at least spell correctly.

Never start a sentence with because; that's just common sense. I shall stop arguing with an inferior being such as yourself, so as not to fill the comment section with spam.

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Technically "cus" isn't a word just slang, therefore you spelled "because" wrong..

30- I've learned that admitting you're wrong before obliterating an entire thread is key to making things right, partially anyway.

Hey 22, you know "never mind" isn't one word right? Talk about annoying errors needing to be fixed...

You guys are all annoying errors that need to be fixed. Stop wasting comment space (in this thread I'm pretty everyone has either misspelt or corrected something correct at least once). So BLEH.

It's 'descusting' that you don't know how to spell disgusting.

These comments make me feel like I'm in Grammar class...

You're such an attention seeker. You clearly don't like cheese.

40, you can start a sentence with "because," but teachers teach little kids not to because they usually use it wrong. As long as there's a subject and verb then it's fine. Because he spelled "disgusting" wrong, he was raped on FML.

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She never had because in her comment. Lol

34- Because you don't understand subordinating conjunctions, I just grammatically owned you.

It's not even her fault, it's op's ex-boyfriend's fault; she might not have even known that her new boyfriend was going out with op.

She's her neighbour. She most definitely knew. And I'm pretty sure 4 was being sarcastic. OP, have some class. Taking a dump in her backyard is nasty.

#149, I don't know who my neighbors are dating. It's definitely the ex-boyfriend's fault (assuming he cheated, because if he didn't, then OP needs to get over it) because it's his and OP's responsibilities to be faithful, not the neighbor, who never made any promises of commitment to anyone.

So you've never noticed who your neighbours are dating? I have. And they've noticed my boyfriend too. You're bound to see them, just like her neighbour was bound to notice this guy at OP's house at some point. So yeah, she probably knew.

#209, no, I haven't. Congratulations that you have, but obviously not everyone is the same. The neighbor might be like me and not pay attention to who her neighbors are dating. Either way, the boyfriend's decisions and actions wouldn't be the neighbor's fault/responsibility. The boyfriend made his own decisions. #216, read what I wrote again. "assuming he cheated, ***because if he didn't, then OP needs to get over it***" We kind of agree, don't we? I'm saying that it doesn't matter whether or not he cheated, because the neighbor couldn't have forced the boyfriend to do anything and shouldn't be punished for the boyfriend's actions.

Anyone remember that old FML about piss pipes and poop chutes? It sorta flashed into my brain when I read this...

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Well i "hope" that she will have to clean it up

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You should just stay away from puns.

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I want to thumb up this comment but I can't because it has 69 thumb votes on it and that's too funny to ruin. o.0

You're feeling witty right now, aren't you?

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That's more like A text u send to ur friend not something on fml...