By DuChaillu - 27/01/2010 07:35 - United States

Today, my boyfriend decided to perform a strip tease for me. As he was stripping out of his clothes, he took his shirt and then pants off first. He was wearing zebra striped knee high socks and underwear. I burst out laughing. He left. FML
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At least he matched.

CrazyZenlike 2

Guys wear knee socks?


Musicislife91 0

Someone's sensitive. Lol.

He's got to be sensitive if he's wearing that. Haha

I'M trying that on my gf...tnx

I don't get why this is an FML?

Fridiculously 0

because her lame boyfriend doesn't understand that zebra stripes are seldom sexy.

MF12 0

and then he left

Exactly. What did he expect, anyway? >.

haha that made my day!!! you should take them and give him a strip tease

My girlfriend would love me even more if I wore zebra socks whilst stripping for her. But that's just because she's cool and not a total bitch like the OP here

I don't really think she's a bitch. I would have laughed too but would have thought it was sexy cause it was my boyfriend.

Yeah, I totally would have laughed, and expected him to do the same thing.

100% agreed. Honestly, I'd love if my boyfriend did this!

F u for laughing jerk

waterynuggets 0

Lulz that he left over something like that. You might as well cut your losses and get some actual pussy for what it's worth.

Zebra striped

perdix 29

Were you laughing because he looked ridiculous or because he had just outed himself to you?

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^ this guy = win