By Anonymous - 23/12/2020 19:56

Imagine if we had a social safety net…

Today, I was called selfish for complaining about COVID lockdowns. Thanks to lockdowns, my family's restaurant has been permanently closed, I've burned through all my savings, and we are going to lose our house. I guess being upset about my family's plight is selfish. FML
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By  Evendel  |  2

Yes your position sucks. But as much as I try to see it from the other side, you should to. Imagine that you've just put in your 40 hours of work, same as you have for the last 10 months, dealing with increasingly angry customers about safety protocols, that you aren't enforcing them, that you ARE enforcing them, why you don't have whatever they want...but your home now. With your roommate. Who's been on unemployment for 10 months. And while you've been working they've been at home binging Hulu and Netflix and YouTube, playing every game they've ever purchased and then buying more games, and maybe filling out applications online. As you sit down to rest your aching feet they pipe up about how horrifyingly boring it is to be unemployed and how the first thing they want to do when they get paid is take a vacation and travel somewhere. You're telling me that wouldn't roast you just a little?

By  skippydoda  |  32

I live in a country where we took look down seriously. Now I'm having afternoon tea with my son because cases are so low. Maybe blame people who don't think the virus is real. Or the government who isn't helping your family stay afloat.

By  Alex Madgwick  |  5

Working in a public facing job means there's a strong chance that because of the lockdowns you still have all your family to be pissed at the lockdowns. Maybe have a thought for those who have lost loved ones.

By  xxlk4xx  |  5

you are not selfish for having valid feelings of frustration with this whole situation! yes others could have it worse but it doesn't make what you're going through any less irritating!

By  Ideal_Needle  |  15

You're not selfish, it's the Boomers who are selfish for making so many of us (especially young people) suffer because of something that mostly just kills them. I'm sorry to hear about your situation OP, and I hope that the next year will bring better things for you and your family.