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Today, I was rushed to the hospital because I was crying so hard I couldn't breathe. Why was I crying? My favorite anime character died. FML
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Ajjas013 6

That's the first and probably last dedicated patriotic anime fan I'll ever see. I mean, I would be sad if Ichigo died but, I wouldn't cry.


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Ajjas013 6

That's the first and probably last dedicated patriotic anime fan I'll ever see. I mean, I would be sad if Ichigo died but, I wouldn't cry.

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Its nice to see someone who is openly passionte about something they love. I care not for anime. Stop terrorising OP for something they like and grow up. Is there no maturity in this day and age? FYL My friend. peace outx

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Waffleslol... It obviously never occured to you the potential seriousnesd of the OP's situation. Deep in his/her mind something trigged a realistic mental bond with the character maybe it represented a parental figure or a reflection of self. You cant take these things lightly. But yes you must grow up and become aware. peace out x

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#26. Liking something is healthy. It doesn't matter if people think it's nerdy. CRYING HYSTERICALLY over the death of a fictional character and being rushed to the hospital is STUPID and UNhealthy. There is a big difference. And no, #46, there is NO fictional character that could've died that would've required a hospital visit on my part.

Ajjas013 6

Reitorating what's been said, "Stop terrorising the OP" I'm sure you would all cry if Spongebob suddenly died. I mean, I would. Hobbies are normal. And they aren't shared most of the time. So OP happens to like watching anime. Anime is just like a cartoon. Stop making fun of the poor girl. You guys are heartless.

Ajjas013 6

Sorry, it was posted twice. I thought the first one wasn't posted so I rewrote it. But still, it has twice the meaning.

noice!! it's ok, cuz I'm sure everyone in the world has cried over a tv character. wait, probably not. FYL

I cried when Buffy died for the second time

Today, while trying to save people's lives, some loser came in and wasted my time. 7 people died because of it. FML

Yes, I would cry, obviously, but by no means would I cry too hard that I need to be rushed off to hospital. I mean, seriously, how many people do that at FUNERALS? OP YDI.

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Monikabug 9

this may seem odd for some of you, but really? think about how many teenage girls would cry hysterically if Robert Patterson died. not because he was a good actor, or a good person, just because he is their Edward Cullen. so, I'm gonna say go ahead and cry about it.

i think it's the fact that she was rushed to the hospital because she couldn't breathe that was the problem... i really liked monk a lot, and when i found out that the series was ending i was sad. but i didn't start screaming and pulling my hair out, for example. that's like what op did. it's a fictional character and she cried over it, so much that she had to go to the hospital. i didn't cry that much when my grandpa died. so yes, op needs to grow up. hobbies and interests are great to enjoy, but there's a point when it's just over the top. this sounds like more of a crazy obsession than just an interest.

LilHighness 2

It's quite amazing really... haha. I know I'd be sad if my fave anime character died, but yeah...

Shystai 0

She cried because what died?....…

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no one would cry if spongebob died only a 3-8 year old Jesus Christ you are so ******* pathetic an anime character died really wow...

azreal_13 0

I wouldn't in fact I would probably laugh

stupid lame ass animated fans with no life and the only girl they can be close to is a cartoon

I know i've cried over tv shows before. I never really do because I'm not that invested in them, but if I'm sad about something in my life and I see something sad on tv I tend to cry a bit. I remember crying when Alex on Lost died. Lol! And yeah it's pathetic. If the OP had wrote "Today, I cried when my favorite comic book character died. FML" I would of laughed and shamefully admitted that i've done similar things. But she didn't just cry, she was crying so hard she had to go to the hospital. There's a huge difference. At some point surely you would of thought "What the hell am I doing, fictional characters can't actually die." or "I'm going to the hospital over something ridiculous when I know other people need help more than me. I need to pull it together." PS: I find it cute that all you nerds are sticking together and defending this girl. Nerd power!

Buffy dies again!?! Wow...I did not see that coming. *note to self: do not read comments they may contain spoilers...*

I totally agree. hell, Hank hill could die, and I wouldn't cry. you guys are the ones who need to grow up.

dude the difference there is, even though they think of him as 'their edward cullen' its STILL an actual person that died. nothing more. YDI OP get over it

Reyo 2

Was it Asuma on Naruto Shippuden was it? It was so sad when he died. oh wait... *evil laughter*

dgv 13

that pathetic!!! I'm a nerd and love anime as well as smallville and similar shows but really?!?! it's tv!!! NOT REAL!!! get a freaking life, loser!!!!

wait ajjas are you talking about ichigo from Please teacher?

Hanban 0

Why does the OP have to cry miserably for such a stupid reason? Yes, people cry about TV shows, movies, etc. but really? For an anime? Just draw the character on your notebook for Pete's sake. Or read a fanfiction about that anime.

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Air made me sob a few times too. Kanna!

Pretty much, all Key works makes me cry. xD

riku3220 2

The only anime that's made me ever come close to crying was Clannad. And only the Fuko arc, the rest was predictable.

I almost cried when Kamina died too. That was literally heartbreaking. My guy friend actually stopped watching Gurren Lagann for a bit to get himself ready for that. Kittan's death wasn't as bad for me though. [This is @#76's reply to my comment, if it doesn't wind up there...]

Hell, I'd (unfortunately) spoiled it for myself, but Kamina's death was still very emotional. Manly tears! And since I watched the last four episodes of Gurren Lagann all at once, my mind was too blown to process that Kittan died. Probably mitigated by the fact that they had killed off five secondary characters in the space of five minutes not too long before that.

Anyone who cries over a fictional character dying in a fictional Japanese cartoon needs to get a life. YDI

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-.- thats offensive to all anime lovers! we're not freaks >:O

Yeah. The OP is pathetic, but that's why s/he posted this on FML. And OP, don't worry. We've all cried at movies/TV shows/animes.

I won't even waste my time insulting you properly. YDI