By Danielle - 10/06/2012 19:19 - Canada - Aldergrove

Today, it's day two of my family's camping trip. Despite the weather, bugs, and portapotties, we were doing okay, until the can opener broke. My husband is stubbornly insisting that we live off cereal and peanut butter for another five days. FML
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Right? I have had to use a knife multiple times. It isn't that bad.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere with food supplies running low? better drink your own piss. Alternatively, you could find and eat maggots because they're full of good proteins!

LMAO they act like their life is so hard, try living off of nothing but your knife, matches, and gun, they even had a ******* portapotty, cereal, and penutbutter. All I can say is....... CITY SLICKERS! haha

What In hells name where you using that can opener so it would break?

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75 you have a gun and knife. Im pretty sure you can kill a squirrel or a rabbit off that experience.

89- This isn't the hunger games...killing squirrels....

And the IOS device you are using for this app, right?

Yes, 92, killing squirrels. Squirrels are a common small game animal, which are commonly hunted.

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Camping trip messed up by a can opener ? This is what we have came to

85- "What in hells name were you doing to the can opener to make it break." Cheap ass can opener I guess...

Try SERE training op then get back to have plenty to survive on.

Use a rock and ground the edges of the can until the lid pops right off. Problem solved!

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I could live off of cereal for about a week if I had to, and hey, at least you have something to eat and you won't starve!

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Yeah, everyone does. I can't help it if I'm so irresistible. ;)

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Mm, yeah. That twisted face of yours get us all hot and bothered.

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Did anyone else wonder how OP is on a camping trip but on the Internet? O.o Ahh! I'm so discombobulated.. D:

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#121 3G/4G or a personal wifi device can get you internet many different places

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damn I typed that all wrong D': I'm sorry grammar Nazis I was half asleep :'(

They have electric... But they can't get a new can opener?

You used "discombobulated" completely wrong...

Is that really all the food you brought, where the only things not sealed in a can is cereal and peanut butter?

Seriously, every time I go camping I forget something and have to make a trip to the big dubs. Alternatively ask a fellow camper or go to the camp store? It's really not too big a deal.

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That's not camping you weak bitch.

This looks like a weird comment thread if its context was about call of duty camping.

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Uh no, it's not. Portapotties? Canned food? Cereal? Peanut butter? What do you live in? A ******* trailer? This bitch even has phone service. True camping is taking a shovel with you every time you poop. None of that food you take with you. Phone service? Get real. Weak bitch.

Wow, where's your ingenuity OP? you're from BC, we're known for camping. Despite your Internet access, portapotty, and canned food you can't find a damned way to open a can? How humanity evolved to where we are now, I'll never know.

they mustve gone to a motel xD thats all i can think of. Some shady ghetto ass motel with roaches n spiders, the toilets dont work so they use a portapotty, theres no restraunt so they brought crappy food; and now they're sitting in the middle of a floor wondering what to do. Picture that and laugh with me. xD

The real questions here are: Is it crunchy peanut butter? What kind of cereal? We need answers!

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Kill two birds with one stone and eat Captain Crunch! >:D

I'd choose to live off of peanut butter and cereal even if I had a can opener..

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Well hey, at least you have something to eat and you won't starve!

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you didnt think to bring a knife? isnt that like rulle #1 of camping?

Yes, rule #1. Bring knife! And Ay could get savage and hunt or fish... Vegetarians Calm! Dnt Hate! We're all just animals, without all the processed food, it's Natural to hunt & gather & eat from the land, therefore animals. Animals eat other animals... Life!

They have portapotties I don't consider what they're doing to be camping.

No, rule number one of camping is always pack toilet paper.

#138 I totally need to have a portapotty when I go camping thanks to IBS and I CAN go outside but I do not have good balance and I would rather not fall over in the middle of going to the bathroom

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Given that there are portapotties present, I don't exactly think they're in the wilderness.

OR you could open the cans using knives? I guess you do have a knife? Damn, a can can be opened with pretty much anything sharp if you're determined enough.

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Bear would go all crouching tiger on your ass.

Dunk his head into elephant dookie. |the kid|

Fake a show, get thrown off tv, make deodorant commercials, and then order room service.

^ I don't think bears can do all that Sorry little buddy :)

80- pretty sure they're talking about Bear Grylls buddy