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By Anonymous - 02/03/2021 15:30 - United States

Today, I burst into tears when my 35 year-old cousin announced on social media she is going to be a grandma. Her 16 year-old son's girlfriend is pregnant. I am 33, single, and have been romantically invisible to everyone my whole life. I'm gonna die alone. FML
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Boyufd 24

that's something that shouldn't be celebrated

You’d rather be 16 and pregnant?


Boyufd 24

that's something that shouldn't be celebrated


I bet there's someone out there who's dying to meet and woo you. I know that seems platitudinous, but they're out there waiting for you.

You’d rather be 16 and pregnant?

I mean, the good news is, your 16 year old son's gf isn't pregnant!

We all die alone. Unless we're in a plane crash or a mass shooting where having a spouse wouldn't do you a damn bit of good anyways.

Sweetie 5

Well that was cheerful and uplifting. 🤭

Do the math. Your cousin was 16 and now her sons is going to be a dad at 16. You on the other hand can, have a baby on your own. Become a foster parent.

Nhayaa 21

I'd rather be single my whole life than a grandma at 35. Oh wait. I don't want kids so I don't have to be single.

aaa143143 15

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Younger people announcing that their grandparents always kind of creeps me out. No offense to anyone out there