By Soso96 - 08/08/2010 23:20 - Algeria

Today, I was travelling in a car. As I was discreetly picking my nose, we drove over a speed bump. It hurts. FML
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Guess you didn't pick a winner this time

You couldn't have picked a worse time.


Guess you didn't pick a winner this time

In school they told us not to drink something while driving as a passenger since the driver could brake and we would get hit in the face with the bottle. Way to get paranoid but things like this kind of make it true D:

Did you get it out?

dannidoll93 24

Ouch... hope you keep your nails short.

You couldn't have picked a worse time.

A 2010 FML. Wow.

It's a World FML. Those don't always get translated as soon as they're posted.

Indeed syki!

Oh that's cool #6, I never knew that. It makes sense now aha. Thanks!

Look the FML commenters are being nice and explaining it so that Alan doesn't have to.

#25 such is the nature of this community :)

feme_fatale 19

I guess that will drive the message not to pick your nose home?

You nasty

I'm sure pretty much everyone has done this

Can confirm. majority of people do. Some more than others.

Well, all attention should be at the road so ydi

As a passenger?

sorry I comprehended this FML wrong

Just be glad u wrnt picking somewhere else :D