By Sam - 04/05/2014 06:12 - United States - Eureka

Today, my art teacher showed off a painting of his name he got in Japan. I can read Japanese, and it actually says "Old idiot". I really don't want to break it to him. FML
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that's really messed up but I don't think I'd have it in me to break it to him either.


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No, say something, OP. Maybe not do it yourself if you really don't want to, but get someone else to do it, or leave a note.

No, the OP shouldn't directly say something. Anonymity would be good.

What would be wrong with saying it directly. It would at least show that OP cares.

JMichael 25

Maybe not tell him, but suggest he learns how to speak Japanese or leave him one of them Japanese for Dummies books. Then he'll know for himself what it says.

Because apparently OP cannot directly say it.

If told directly, it could be embarrassing for the teacher. Think about it.

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People deserve the truth even if it hurts, it shows that you care.

1/ how many Japanese kids does he have in class that could translate that. No point in trying to be anonymous. 2/ he should be told. He's going to show this to people, and word will get out what it means (you may even have told others yourself). People will laugh at him behind his back. Do him a favor and tell him.

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Op didnt tell us her nationality. Your comment sir was a stereotype.

OP please have a followup saying what you did

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Don't be an idiot 56, it's a logical (if not infallible) assumption that OP would likely be Japanese if he speaks it fluently. In any case he's not generalizing a characteristic to all Japanese people in an ignorant way

87, firstly, the OP is female and she never said she'd be fluent in Japanese, she said she could read it. secondly, 56 has never said it was a stereotype about Japanese people but 56 is right in pointing out that it is a stereotype that only Japanese people speak Japanese. how many people not being English speak English? I think your comment and 56's comment are about the problem of ignorance; and ignorance comes in many don't be an idiot calling other people idiots, ok?

Why is everyone saying that OP knows Japanese he obviously doesnt

92. Japanese is not English, and is not as widely spoken. English is also more widely used in business, so is used by more races. And just because something is a stereotype doesn't make it rude, bad or wrong. It just means you make an assumption. As I did on the information I had available.

that's really messed up but I don't think I'd have it in me to break it to him either.

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I can understand both the OP's and your reluctance if you were in the same situation. If I were in this situation, I have no idea what I would do either. I feel o bad for both the OP and the Art teacher. I'm also kinda pissed that the AT went to Japan and spent money to get something super cool as a souvenir, and then the asshat in Japan ruined it because he decided that it would be funny. on the bright side, its just a painting and not a tattoo! Now THAT would suck!

Yeah! The tattoo would suck even more. But it would be a FAIL if he got it as a tattoo. And OP I think you should tell him, because then it will show that you care. Plus he'll be embarrassed if someone else told him. Like a friend or someone else.

Aiden Stubblefield 9

get the name of the place and get your own. see if they do the same, than confrount and or sue them

I have a feeling there's someone else like OP who's out there snickering instead of feeling bad for him...

Hopefully he won't show off the painting to other people who can read Japanese xD

Probably should break it to him in private and in the nicest possible way. Its similar to how you see Japanese visitors wearing stuff with words in English which the designer clearly did not understand.. its quite comical.

Saw a tattoo once that was supposed to read "hot bitch" in Chinese, apparently it actually translated to "warm mongrel". Poor woman. Although why you'd want "hot bitch" either is beyond me.

Probably thinks shes pretty hot and freely admits to being a bitch, maybe even proud of it. I know some people like this.

cryssycakesx3 22

lol I think "warm mongrel" is a step up from "bad bitch"

Meaniebobeanie 26

I have a lady at my work who has a tattoo saying just that. She's very proud of it lolol

Some tough love would be fun in this situation.

wow man thats ******* japanese ******* with tourists , it never gets old for them. But i feel for you OP

Please tell me what other time this has happened.

At least he didn't get it tatted on his arm.

he should've gotten it tattooed on homsel

buttcramp 21

Homsel can read Japanese, I don't think he'd oblige to the tattoo

#60 I think it was supposed to be himself*? Lol