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Today, I was supposed to be picked up by my date. I haven't got my license yet, so all my dates have to pick me up. He never showed. He also didn't bother to text or call that he wasn't coming. Neither did the five other dates I was supposed to have this summer. FML
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First of all, I am 19. I don't have my license because I have nobody at home who will take me driving. My dad works 3 jobs and my mom doesn't want me to leave and move out. Secondly, my 6 dates are between 2 guys. For the first guy, we'd set a date, he wouldn't show, and then we'd chat and THEN he'd give me some excuse. After 2 missed dates I let 2 months go by and we'd try again. For the second guy, he had legit excuses for missing and understandably explained them to me later. He at least apologized for missing. But still, 6 dates planned this summer and not one of them happened and I was completely in the dark when it came time for them to show up. I take full blame for allowing myself to think that maybe they'd show next time. When trapped at home, any chance to get out is reason for hope, even if its with a jerk. I'm also sorry to disappoint some of you, but I'm neither a HO nor a ****. I'm just a very foolish, lonely person.

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Sabs, I'm so sorry. You're going to have to stay over more often so I can let you drive the car rather than the van. You'll find someone eventually. So, want to take classes at main in the spring? It should widen your options. And, for everyone else. I can think of nothing more than Sab wants more than to get her liscense, a job, and the hell out. But, she is the baby of the family and the only girl and her mom can be a lot on the controlling side. I know all about it. I'm married to her brother.

im so sorry you had to go through that :(


im so sorry you had to go through that :(

OP, your dad is probably sitting outside with a shotgun pointed at anyone who parks in the driveway.

that's mean. try and be considerate. You wouldn't want someone to say such a thing to you when you're down!!!

So you'd prefer people lie to you when you're upset? Also, it's "try to be considerate". Finally, if it happened 5 times in 2 months, then I suspect there's some kind of miscommunication between you and your dates. I would consider analyzing what lead up to the event. Keep in mind that the connotation on what appear to be synonyms can very much alter the meaning of an entire sentence.

try to be considerate, try and be considerate.. surely it makes no difference?

no difference at all. besides it's the internet, not many people really care. am i right?

Yes, it's perfectly fine to be as articulate as a babbling monkey just because you're on the internet.

that's right. i mean as long as people can understand what you're saying, then it's fine.

#42 - actually it does. Note the and. It's telling you to do one thing, and then do another thing: try and be considerate. The and indicates that in that sentance there are two different things. In this case, the and indicates to do two different things that one may have to do. You have to 'try'- [try what?]. And you have 'be considerate.' [It's meant to be a suggestion, not an order]. When you put TO, on the other hand, it works. :D

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Try AND be considerate, and try TO be considerate are both grammatically correct. But Kervik, for a grammar nazi, you slipped up by spelling "sentence" wrong. :)

but they both have different meanings even though they are both grammatically correct. Also, spell check FTW

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lol there is a difference one just says to try and the other says to actually become considerate but it is the www so no one really cares, like #51 says

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With the same guy, or with six different guys? If it is six guys, you are a complete loser, consider celibacy or lesbianism. Heterosexuality is just not working for you. If it's one guy, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me thrice, more shame on me; fool me four times, I'm an idiot; fool me five times, I'm a desperate, pathetic idiot; fool me six times, I cannot even achieve thea slutk of ****.

Different guys, you functionally illiterate douche!

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Plexico: lmfaooo! Do I have your permission to use that?

sublime93, Feel free, I am glad you like it.

"functionally illiterate douche" Ii love it

dude you're amazing! every time i see one of your comments it's something hilarious! YOU SIR ARE PURE WIN!

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"functionally illiterate douche" Oh, the irony. And how is he "illiterate" again?

#7 is jealous. Why do people throw around the insult "illiterate" when referring to people who WRITE something they don't like?The Plexico's commentnt was genius.

Even if it wasn't an illiterate comment I don't understand how you think it's genius. You think OP read it and thought it was a genius? Everyone giving this guy props is just as gross as he is, there's nothing slutty or pathetic about arranging dates after other dates have fallen through. Jesus.

well if the guy was interested if he made the date, thats just lame. but maybe you should get your licence?

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How did this get approved? This is one of the worst FMLs i've read in a long time.

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Ok fine then if this isn't a good fml what exactly is? What criteria makes an fml?

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Chances are there's something consistently wrong. It is very unlikely that 6 guys would do the same exact thing. It's probably an error in communication somewhere. Follow up and find out what's going on and why. I'm sure that it's something simple to fix if it happens so consistently.

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i agree. i think there's something wrong with the address you're giving them. if not, i really feel bad for you. but hey, ur six guys closer to finding the right guy

That was my thought. I mean I could believe that 1, or maybe 2 guys would be dicks to you, but 6? That signals to me that YOU are the one at fault here and not the guys.

Yeah kinda what I was thinking also. Check the number you're giving them. If you give them your card or something make sure there's not a misprint or something. Perhaps you've given them the wrong address and they thought you were standing them up so didn't call. I mean, if they actually made dates with you and arranged to pick you up it seems bizarre all six would stand you up without letting you know.

Why would you arrange dates with six guys over one summer? You must be slightly desperate...

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well...probably because the one before that didn't work out and hence the cycle of boys

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You probably weren't cute enough to drive to be picked up.

It's amazing that she was cute enough to be able to arrange six dates, but not cute enough for any of them to actually show up for the date. She must fall into a very narrow band on the beauty continuum. I wonder if she were asked on these dates or if she twisted these guys arms to make the date. Lots and lots of questions. Six dates and six stand-ups is almost statistically impossible.

Well played, organizedchaos! That;s the kind of analysis we need to solve these mysteries. You may be onto something!

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wrong address? or look at how you're getting these date. are they asking you or is it more of a "omg, i'm not doing anything tomorrow either!! we should hang out!! pick me up at 7? k cool."