By Anonymous - / Wednesday 12 April 2017 16:00 /
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By  chessu  |  19

One is not like the others... (Holocaust and vaccines - yes, an idiot. But 9/11 has a substantial amount of evidence that no one should be 100% sure that it wasn't an inside job..)

By  The Book of David  |  1

You can tolerate your facial hair, shave it off, or wear it with pride. But at least be aware of it. Look on the bright side: your niece did her deed in a private setting, as a gesture of care and respect.


Today, I had to take my daughter to the ER. Her brother had bet she couldn't go the whole day without talking. So to win the bet, she tried to super-glue her lips together so she couldn't accidentally say anything. FML

By 1010110100101101 / Friday 19 June 2015 16:07 / United States - Fond Du Lac

Today, I was at the Wild Animal Park. There were bees everywhere. One brave bee, thinking he was Mr. Macho, flew right down my tank top in between my boobs. I freaked the hell out and ended up screaming and pulling down my shirt to get the bee out. I flashed about 10 kids and their families. FML

By bsaucedo - / Tuesday 28 July 2009 05:00 / United States
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