By Anonymous - 22/10/2014 17:37 - United States - Allen

Today, I got my graduation photos back. I'd sent them to a friend for touching up, but unfortunately we had a major argument recently. I guess that's why in the photos I've been photoshopped out and replaced with a goat. FML
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Never argue with someone when they can photoshop you into things

I hope you still have originals!


At least it was a goat, and not a goatse

At least you tried

Lebeaugars95 20

thus making you the Greatest Of All Time in your yearbook, I don't see the problem OP

#16 I wish he didn't

Whatever floats your goat

#50- thats what an intelligent joke is haha

#1 was bahhd

okay I just spent an embarrassing amount of time researching what sound goats make and it turns out to not be the same as sheep. My apologies. Here's a more scientifically-accurate correction: #1 was baAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!d

At least he has a sense of humour

I'm picture a goat with a goatee , human body and some udders.

It's really not that funny at all.

23lf 16

A goatse is a spread open asshole..

The goat is probably better looking than your friend anyways

You really misread that, didn't you?

Well butter my balls and call me a biscuit, I don't think I've heard that one before.

I don't think I've heard "butter my balls and call me a biscuit" either so I guess we're in the same boat right now.

Welcome to "Why would you put that on the internet", I'm Gantoman, and today we see #4's comment.

Never argue with someone when they can photoshop you into things

The will get your goat. OP just got goated.

I'm sorry op! Hopefully you have backups or something?

Never send anything anywhere without a backup.

I hope you still have originals!

My daughter loves making that face. Ha this she likes your photo of her .

I guess I should say no 7 picture is of my daughter ..... Down vote away.

killerdana 19

Why is #7s picture a picture of your daughter? Please tell me they're related to you 'cause that's creepy if they're not

WTF? That's not his daughter in the picture, it's my sister.

That person is obviously not your friend if they would purposely ruin an important picture just because you got into an argument

Or he was really hurt by the argument they had. It seems he spent quite a time working on these photos to change you into a goat. You could guess that you were important to each other or he would just have avoided and forgotten you. Might be time for a little talk?

ahippienamedrae 10

Being hurt isn't an excuse for being a jerk like that

Well it's just photoshopping! Nothing says the original has been deleted and it's unlikely: even though you argue with someone would you be fine with keeping a photo of yourself with a goat? To me it's more of a joke. Eventually OP will get the original photo.

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... That's not cool. Sorry OP. Hope you still have original images.

You need to find a new friend or work things out with the one you have.