By Anonymous - United States - Allen
Today, I got my graduation photos back. I'd sent them to a friend for touching up, but unfortunately we had a major argument recently. I guess that's why in the photos I've been photoshopped out and replaced with a goat. FML
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  NeatNit  |  32

okay I just spent an embarrassing amount of time researching what sound goats make and it turns out to not be the same as sheep. My apologies.

Here's a more scientifically-accurate correction:

#1 was baAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!d

  Agtthepw  |  21

Or he was really hurt by the argument they had.
It seems he spent quite a time working on these photos to change you into a goat. You could guess that you were important to each other or he would just have avoided and forgotten you.
Might be time for a little talk?

  Agtthepw  |  21

Well it's just photoshopping! Nothing says the original has been deleted and it's unlikely: even though you argue with someone would you be fine with keeping a photo of yourself with a goat?
To me it's more of a joke. Eventually OP will get the original photo.