By Anonymous - 22/10/2014 15:06 - Mexico - Guadalupe

Today, I dressed up in my nicest clothes and spent ages putting makeup on before going to a nightclub, hoping to meet someone nice. The only person who acknowledged me was a guy who yelled, "Hey, wanna fuck?! Not like anyone else would ever touch you, am I right?!" FML
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You should stop looking for "someone nice" at nightclubs

Just ignore that douchebag,OP . I'm sure you're very gorgeous :)


Just ignore that douchebag,OP . I'm sure you're very gorgeous :)

if you're going to a club, you should've already contemplated on meeting people like that. but still, your better than that.

RowanSpirit 9

Double douche if he was using the trick of lowering a woman's confidence so she's more willing to sleep with him.

orbit 22

*Goes to a club to find a nice guy* *Strikes out and goes home suprised because they only found douche bags*

If she was gorgeous she wouldn't have put on makeup.

Fuck that. You're worth way more. Keep your head up.

Me even if you're pretty or not, you are still gorgeous on the inside!

Ttust me you'll find someone. a woman's most beautiful curve is her smile

Unfortunately, you don't normally meet quality people in that setting. Sorry you had to find out the hard way OP.

That is so vile! I'm sorry OP, some people have no respect for anybody...

Don't listen to him there's just a lot of jerks in the world. I'm sure you're beautiful.

yeah... beautiful like u...bowowowowow woof woof howl!

tantanpanda 26

I really hope you came up with a good response to that, like punching him in the face.

Yeah, because violence is always the answer!

tantanpanda 26

despite your sarcasm, it usually is violence because whether it's physical violence or verbal violence, you're going to react one way or the other. would you just stand there and politely say thanks? thought not.

Yeah, he's definitely not getting any. Don't let assholes bring you down. I'm sure you gorgeous, and someone amazing will come along :) Everybody has a somebody

You should stop looking for "someone nice" at nightclubs

For real. Try the library, volunteer events, college classes, church... basically anywhere but a night club.

Defiantly the wrong arena to find someone nice. Find new way to meet people, join a sport club, join a volunteer group, go somewhere where people aren't there specifically to pair up, your chances will be much better. Also remember that nice guys often avoid places where the douce bags rule.

I agree that a night club is not the ideal place to meet someone nice but it’d be silly to say it never happens. A couple of my friends met in a nightclub 7 years ago. They are now married. It’s rare but possible :) And yes this guy is a douche who doesn’t deserve the time of the day.

Nice guys will not be found at night clubs

That guy was either really drunk or has a lot of balls to say that