Today, my husband felt dishonoured: his darling little girl, the love of his life, whom he's always considered pure, turns out to be pregnant. He's now warned her: she's grounded and that whoever did this to her had better not come hanging round the house. Pussy, two years old, is now housebound until her kittens are born. FML
By Anonyme / Friday 26 September 2014 06:56 / France
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  zsaddayz  |  16

OP should've spayed their cat! Especially before letting the cat outside. I really dislike incompetent cat owners who are contributing to the cat overpopulation problem.

  pixistickx  |  22

If you want your cat to have kittens and you are going to look after those kittens then I don't really see what the problem is! My cat has had kittens and the ones we didn't keep went to loving homes where they are well looked after.

  arsenicalhumor  |  30

#154 maybe they were thinking about it, and the cat got out beforehand. Or maybe at some point they wanted kittens, I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to call someone a "incompetent" cat owner unless I knew the entire story to it. Oh well, maybe I don't like people that judge just as much as you don't like incompetent people.

  bonermonkey  |  31

because we are overpopulated and we breed fucking loads of cats
I think it's really irresponsible to keep breeding animals when there are so many in rescues tbh
even if I did and they all went to good homes I couldn't live with myself knowing I had brought them in to the world just so I could sell them off to strangers

By  pawelthink  |  14


  knoxxx  |  22

@123 there are absolutely different translations when it comes to names. Not always, but it definitely occurs. How do you think people translate names that are spelt in non-latin alphabets (Like Mandarin or Russian) into languages that do use the Latin alphabet (english)?

By  Kallian_fml  |  21

You just can't control cats. If they want kittens, they get them. My cats been 'fixed' but that still didn't stop her from stealing the neighbours kittens twice now.

  Kallian_fml  |  21

Well, the second time my neighbour said she saw my cat jump out of her window carrying one of her kittens. I found my cat in my bedroom guarding them very ferociously. I'm not sure what possessed her to do such a thing...

  lexa1love  |  16

It's a cat thing. Often if a breeder has multiple breeding mamas at a time, they will steal each others kittens. Regardless of if they have a current litter or not.

  Piggycatwolf  |  2

I watched a documentary on feral cats once, the cat queen and one of her daughters both had litters at the same time and since daughter cat never had babies before, she picked possibly the worst nest possible. she ended up leaving the babies unattended to guard from tomcats (who kill their sons to lower the competition) and gramma cat snuck in, kidnapped the baby kitties and cared for both litters until mommy cat showed up again. They then shared the nest and worked together to nurse the kitties, the end.