By NonBelieber / Wednesday 18 September 2013 04:22 / United States
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We just need to determine what kind of stickers would embarrass him more than Justin Bieber. Hello Kitty? Or My Little Pony?


I had a friend pull this prank on me, except the covered my real bumper stickers with her political and religious church stickers. I found "I love anal" stickers online and put ten of them on her car. The war stopped.

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#5, my car only goes one direction! When I get some money, I'm going to get the reverse gear fixed. I didn't know they made stickers for that!

Hire an artist to paint a Justin Beiber mural on his car. It will be costly, but sometimes the pleasure of sweet revenge trumps the consequences. This just may be one of those times.

"No dad, I don't know who put the Justin Bieber stickers in the blender, lit them on fire, and shot them up in a toy rocket. Must have been the neighbors."

Take his stickers when he's out and decorate his car with them... That has to be the solution. Or, as someone else suggested, get some Miley Cyrus stickers...

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