By Mixta - 03/01/2015 04:45 - France - Roubaix

Today, my best friend showed me his New Year's Eve photos. Girls everywhere, booze flowing all over the place and all my friends were there. They still haven't realised that they didn't invite me. We've been friends for seven years. FML
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JuliaaNoelle 26

If it's any consolation, I didn't get invited anywhere either, OP.


JMichael 25

Eh probably wasn't that good anyway.

Judging by the way OP described it, I think that it would have been fun for OP, if he was invited..

Agreed, it sounds like fun. especially if you spent new year's eve home alone

judged by the obvious awesomeness of the night described by op, #1s sarcasm should've been just as obvious

They were showing him pictures... So they clearly knew he wasn't there... Sorry OP:(

JuliaaNoelle 26

If it's any consolation, I didn't get invited anywhere either, OP.

lol i litterally spent my new years with my online friends and family in the background, was so much better than last years when I went to visit my friend of 6 years in another country and spent it with her friends.. everyone was so drunk they didn't let us in the nightclub at midnight.. not that I wanted to go :P

I wouldn't consider him a best friend.

pj6444 10

Are they really your friends?

alliewillie 22

^ this. How - when he's showing you the photos - would he not have realized he didn't invite you? He sounds like he's either rubbing it in your face or honestly doesn't think anything of not inviting you.

For a lot of events, especially those arranged on Facebook or social media, it's easy to forget a person here and there if you invite 40+ people. Just because OP regards this person as his/her best friend doesn't necessarily mean that OP would be first on his/her list of invitees. That being said... it's pretty terrible that they didn't even notice you weren't there OP. now on Netflix, so you'll NEVER be lonely!!

"I'll be there for you" Sure bud.

Just an oversight, next time you set up the party.

Well...a moment of silence for all of us forever alones on New Year's Eve.

Real best friends kind of just invite themselves or it implys that your invited. always next year!

maybe they didnt invite you because they assumed you were coming?

New year, new friends

I didnt get invited anywhere either! my only fiend made plans with me and then found some better people :(

*gasp* that fiend!

a good friend takes you along. At least, thats what i and all the friends i know would do