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  EatUrGreens  |  20

lol i litterally spent my new years with my online friends and family in the background, was so much better than last years when I went to visit my friend of 6 years in another country and spent it with her friends.. everyone was so drunk they didn't let us in the nightclub at midnight.. not that I wanted to go :P

  alliewillie  |  22

^ this. How - when he's showing you the photos - would he not have realized he didn't invite you? He sounds like he's either rubbing it in your face or honestly doesn't think anything of not inviting you.

  slingerslasher  |  24

For a lot of events, especially those arranged on Facebook or social media, it's easy to forget a person here and there if you invite 40+ people. Just because OP regards this person as his/her best friend doesn't necessarily mean that OP would be first on his/her list of invitees.

That being said... it's pretty terrible that they didn't even notice you weren't there OP.