By izzy54149 - United States
Today, I tried to politely explain to my mother that I'm allergic to her laundry soap. She just called me crazy. I have been scratching for three days straight and my skin is almost all red. She refuses to buy anything else. FML
izzy54149 tells us more :
I really can't buy my own detergent, I can't drive yet. I would walk to the store and buy it there, but all of the roads have no sidewalks and the cars don't stop. I do my own laundry, but have to use the soap, and when it gets on my hands it's like instant rash.
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Clothes are an obvious Communist plot to control our minds and brainwash us into buying more expensive brands in order to be "fashionable". This message brought to you by Nudist Sector of America Against Communist Kingdoms (NSAACK).

  jwade11  |  12

GO BUY YOUR OWN LAUNDRY SOAP!!! DUH!!!! Stop complaining, you should be happy she let's you stay in her house and feeds you and washes your clothes. She doesn't have to do anything for you!!!!

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

I know a few people who just don't consider doing their own laundry as an option it's rather strange to me, at least. Not saying OP necessarily has this mentality, but your solution is rather simple and should've been OP's first reaction.

  memily63  |  12

Agreed! I'm sure you're old enough to go out and buy your own soap. Tell your mom you want responsibility and want to do your own laundry from now on!

  CatEyes66  |  0

I started doing my own laundry by age 10 but I would of never had the money or the ride to get my own laundry soap, I don't think my mom would let my buy it if I could pay for it, even if I was a little older. She would of called me picky, spoiled, or wasteful.

By  demonstare7  |  5

Take some insulation out of your Aric and rub it in your hands until its a powder. Your hands will itch like crazy though. Then sprinkle it in her clean clothes drawer on a regular basis. Shell think she developed the allergicness and buy new soap.

  FYLDeep  |  25

Not all insulation, but fiberglass insulation. Handling that shit without gloves is a rookie mistake. I'd strongly advise against it. I've been told by construction workers that if you get it on your body, the best thing is a cold shower. I guess a hot shower opens your pores up which makes it worse.

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

Doing your own laundry might be an idea, especially if she's not going to reconsider. If that isn't an option, maybe just rinsing your clothes off again with just water would help (might not be a perfect solution, but it should help lessen it).