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  EffinAhole  |  0

I think 26 was trying to be funny. Op- I hope you pointed out to that bitch that 12 is a dozen and then molested her doughnuts complete with your special glaze.

  renaet  |  0

Unnecessary grammar patrolling. I think we all know which woman #6 was referring to and therefore there was no need for two "that"s. Maybe comment on the pluralization of "math" next time.

  lexi365  |  20

dragonaair, when i went to austrailia, my homestay family said she was taking math b in year 10. i understand the year stands gor grade but whats the math a,b, or c?

  Mehness  |  0

132 - How it works (if you're smart) is that you go to Math A in 8th grade, Geometry in 9th, and then Math B in 10th. I don't think there's a Math C though... but there's pre-calculus :L I live in the US as well, but I don't know about where you live.

  mojojojo19  |  1

Ignorant dumbass. I'm from Canada and even I know in some countries they call it Maths. Do your homework before you start running your mouth. Better yet, quit wasting your time taking pictures of your stank ass face and do more research in your end. you will do the world a huge favour!

  Zoroark899  |  6

People are stupid aren't they. This reminds me of the time my friend asked me for two quarters. The same thing happened here except with the words quarters and 50 cents.

By  justsomgirl  |  4

so what? how does this fuck your life? the customer is stupid...your life is not forever fucked as a result of her stupidity. in fact, I'm guessing you'll forget all about her tomorrow.