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  Shlalg  |  15

Or how about telling him to put his big boy panties on and get over it? She shouldn't have to pander to him because he's so immature he wants his genitals as her phone background. Your phone is with you at all times out in public, people see that crap.

  Arestian  |  14

actually thats a good idea he should put a picture of his dick on his lock screen then maybe he will find out how embarassing is that shit after people take his phone and see his lock screen

  cocainewhore  |  30

That makes it worse, since that would mean that the boyfriend had set a picture of OP's genitals as a background without her permission. Also, if he then used his phone in public anyone could see the photo, which would again not be fair on the OP.

  91hayek  |  31

Is this what pre-teens do these days? When I was 12 the closest I came to this was trying to take clear pictures of my face with the gameboy camera without looking like some scrambled t.v image :/