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Today, it was my daughter's birthday. She had been wanting a cat for a long time, so I went to the animal shelter and got an orange one. As soon as she saw it, she ran upstairs screaming, "GINGER! GINGER!" She refuses to come downstairs until I get rid of "the soulless creature." FML
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  marinus_fml  |  19

dear moderators, I do not intend to break the sites rules, but I find this YouTube video very appropriate on the debates, and pretty funny. If this breaks the sites rules, please delete this comment without putting a warning on my account. If the link is appropriate, please delete all this other bullshit.

  Mokiikom_fml  |  8

Moderator, why do you show up in the thread to mention the link is okay, and yet you do nothing to clean up the filth all over the place of people replying to the first post with completely unrelated comments.

Most of the comments in this thread are attention whores replying to the first post only to be on top of the page. It's not only ridiculous, it's also against the site rules. So please don't let this slide.
(I don't mean the comment with the link specifically, I mean the pointless 'replies' to the first comment that aren't really replying to it, most are just attention whoring.)

  Sirin_fml  |  46

Please point me to the site rule against this? If you mean the out of context rule, then technically your own comment violates it since it's not related to the FML. Thread hijacking is more discouraged than forbidden, annoying as it is. Anyway, you used the word 'filth', so I can't really take the complaint too seriously. Sorry!

  Mokiikom_fml  |  8

Attention-whoring comments (made just to appear higher in the page, and not much deeper in meaning that writing "FIRST!!11!") are "filth", since they serve no purpose and merely dirty up the page. What shocks you so much with that simple word?

If you refuse to do the job you're paid for as moderators, at least don't get all defensive and attack me instead.
My comment is relevant in that it is pointing out the infractions. And by the way, if you ban me for saying the truth you'll only prove that this site doesn't enforces its rules and is also unfair to the minority of members who do follow the rules.

  Sirin_fml  |  46

Since you want to be so well-versed in the commenting rules, how about you read the final paragraph? The moderation team is fully aware of its mandate, thanks very much. Whining about attention whores, and implying we'll ban you just for being irritating is frankly beneath contempt. Please find something else to moan about, or lighten up. End of discussion.


If anything, they should ban you on the premise of bad karma and unsportsmanlike conduct. And I bet now you'll probably cite some rule that doesn't exist to call me out on my outrageousness!!!


If you're going to complain about something to the moderators, how about you do so by contacting them instead of filling up the comments with your whining?
Sounds like a good idea to me.

  ramirezlmt  |  0

Does oranges have souls? Not ....but the fruit? not the man and man but the nvm.
If you have raised a airhead, don't let them watch south park.
Keep the cat and name it Garfield! Garfield will eat her if she's bad.
This made me LOL I'm sending it to all my ginger friends.....well friend hm

  baden18830  |  5

yeah. no more gifts till she can be less of a bitch. and redheads are hot :) just wish ppl would stop thinking they sound so cool saying Ginger instead of redhead.

  CitrusGirl  |  0

Here's my thing: it's not south parks fault. it's the fault of idiots who actually take that stuff seriously. And I get the reference and that kid honestly needs some therapy.

  whoisthisgirl  |  4

yeah omg, being a red head and not even a Ginger sucks in school. it's mostly middle school. I hated it. but I don't really have freckles on my face just strawberry blonde hair.

I'm really white though :( I don't tan..

  _Vamp_  |  9

I'm a Ginger cat!!....................

^ ^
( . .)
c(”)(”) and I sad now

  kyle1991  |  0

being a Ginger in middle school was hell, then they got scared of me, and now they respect me. my hair isn't strawberry either, it's bright fucking red

By  sikkar  |  0

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  fthku  |  13

You are, meowcow, for not realising the guy basically said was "Get a white cat, but (and this is COMPLETELY unrelated to OP's cat) be careful not to get a grey cat, as there a difference between those two"

.. BASICALLY it's what he said. Yeah, so don't call people dumb, dummy.