By Anonymous

Thanks mom

Today, it's my third day in the hospital. On Monday, my mother grounded me for not going to school because I was “milking” a sore foot. On Wednesday, we finally went to the ER and it turns out I have a very bad infection in my foot. She refuses to come to the hospital. FML
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By  LadyOfMetal666  |  4

Reminds me of when my appendicitis, and my mother refused to take me to the hospital. Went to the doctors the next day, only for the doctor to tell her that I needed to go to the hospital. She still didn’t take me, but the pain eventually went away.

  d3rpb0t  |  10

Either that or it's something not intended as serious as more of a mockery of the ridiculousness of the mom's behavior. I say this because as a person who had their appendix rupture, heeeeeell no the pain doesn't just go away. And even if you could power through that, sepsis is a thing.