By Kitten_Love - 28/01/2013 19:52 - France - Paris

Today, it's been two months since I got a kitten. He loves to hide, and then surprise me by jumping out of his hiding place. It was quite a surprise when he launched himself out of my bag during class. FML
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Everyone must of thought you were cool. Carrying pussy in your bag...


I hope curiosity doesn't kill the cat..

Misswildsides 22

I'm wandering what OP did with the kitten afterwards. O.o

you have a kitten in school. every person is going to come pet it and it will draw a whole bunch of attention to it. im sure the school or OP found a way to get the kitten out of the school if it was a problem.

stevenJB 25

This cat is freaking adorable!

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

At least the cat wasn't found at an airport security check like someone else in a previous FML.

Curiosity isn't all that bad, after all it is what made the kittens ;)

Let's hope curiosity doesn't kill it in a box, because then it will be alive and dead at the same time.

The cuteness is...almost...too...much!

I have a feeling very few will get the reference.

Everyone must of thought you were cool. Carrying pussy in your bag...

Gives a new meaning to pocket *******...


Didn't they all end up with clymidia or something?

It's a blue mountain state reference, a hilarious TV show. And it was not chlamydia, I think it was syphilis.

37-How on earth did they end up with that baby? I guess the mom gave her away.

"Chlamydia" has shown up on FML twice in 4 hours. From the baby girl in a previous FML to these comments. I feel dirty and may need a shot of penicillin tonight. Time for a new name for the kitten. It is nice to have a little pussy in school.

I'm sad they canceled blue mountain state:(

the people who are allergic to cat dander wouldn't find that very fun.

I can only imagine how scary your house must be at night.

Damian95 16
free2speak 14

OP must be feline pretty paranoid after this incident.

Do you think it whiskers secrets to her in the night o.O Sorry that was awful x)

Oh. My. God. Reenacting this in my mind, is better than most movies.

THIS IS SO CUTE. IF THIS HAPPENED TO ME I'D PROBABLY JUST LAUGH. Plus it's a good excuse to go home! "I have to take my cat home." :D

SerenaSerenadex3 13

This actually happened to me before, but with my snake.. That was fun xD

A snake? I could only imagine a funny scene where a snake just jumps off the top of the cabinet when you pass by and flails on top of your head, while singing the trololo song.

ByronJess 17

I bet the cat had your tongue when you tried to explain that to your teacher.

I think I'd be excited to find my cat in my bag at school, when I was little I always wanted to sneak my cat into my bag

I always think it'd be awesome to take my dog to work.

I always thought it would be cool to ride a giant eagle around like on LOTR. I would ride it anywhere like school, work, shit even on a date. Nothing says you're a badass like a giant eagle.

108 - I thought unicorns shit rainbows, not puked them.

Seriously, I wish my cat was small again jumping in my bag. Now it's grown up and grouchy.

I've thought of riding a horse to work. Horse power!!

Yes they shit rainbows, but they puke glitter

Did you not see the starting comment, punman?

oj101 33

I was going to say that, but Pleonasm beat me to it.

I was referring to the cat in the hat but in ops case hat

HAHAHAHA... so lame, but so funny at the same time I've been there OP... it's not so bad... just make kitty sleep on your lap until class is over, then take him home or get a friend who is free to do it for you. Or you could walk around with a kitten on your shoulder and tell everyone that kittens are the new parrots in pirate fashion

bizarre_ftw 21

Though your comment makes sense in the context of the Fml, I still feel like it fits your picture more, for a minute I was honestly wondering why the dog didn't look more scared

Audience..WHA!?! What are you doing using my picture as your profile image audience. Thats precarious!

i wonder what everyone response was to that..

Something like, "AWWWWWWW THAT'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! OP when did you get a kitten? *snuggle snuggle snuggle snuggle*" Or at least that's what my reaction would've been.

samiam131 4

Everyone is now jealous of you in class because you've got the P

MaFioso13 17

You can say Pussy every one says it

Laurenluvz 11

Well I'm sure it was intended to be a play on words. Instead of "The D" as most people say it jokingly, they said "The P". Though it was a terrible play on words.