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By  Randomness911  |  12

Well look on the bright side, no child support and you will never know the pain of a vasectomy. Although I'm sorry OP, there's little else good there.

By  Danne696  |  14

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Are you for real right now? Does it even matter?! The fuck is wrong with you? If his marriage is based on a sham, and his wife has cheated him and made him raise other people's kids, the fuck would not matter in that situation?

By  bee delivery  |  5

i would definitely talk to her but keep in mind that you being sterile at this very moment doesn't mean you always were. if you want to be absolutely sure then i would order a paternity test for the kids before jumping to conclusions when your wife may very well have done nothing wrong.

By  Alexandria79  |  22

I'm not sure what brought up those tests but as others have said the children may still be yours. Do a paternity test if you feel they need one. without knowing your condition, it's difficult to say if this has always been the case or if it happened recently.