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Today, it's been less than a week since I finally got a job, after over a year of searching. I just found out that there's about to be a wave of layoffs. I haven't even gotten my first paycheck, and already I'm going to lose my job. FML
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You don't know that yet OP!!! Don't lose hope, and outwork the other workers. If you give up just because you heard of this "wave" you are going to be demotivated, and coworkers and your bosses will easily detect that demotivation, and then you really are fucked!

If he was hired recently enough that he hasn't even received a paycheck, the odds of him being laid off are slim. He was most likely hired with other new people to replace people that have been there the companies about to lay off / fire.


very unfortunate. but, don't let this be a set-back. am sure you will find something asap. fyl.

I'm sorry OP, keep looking, you'll eventually find something that works out!

You never know it may turn out for the best

No your not, what company is stupid enough to hire you for a position and then a week later fire you? If that's the case that company is disorganized and not a place you want to work anyways.

Company layoffs are often excuses for them to get rid of people they don't like. I doubt you'll be laid off after only starting a week ago.

I hear you on that buddy. My job laid me off after January 1st when Obama care went into effect. So in order to not pay into Obama care for all the employees they only kept 6 FT workers and dropped all others including new workers to PT so I can relate. This country sucks now. Well the work force at least. It's a saturated employers market.

He's from the UK. He wouldn't be affected by Obamacare.

It doesn't mean you'll lose yours being that you first started you might actually keep yours

OP, in the business world, companies tend to hire some replacements before layoffs even happen. This is so business doesn't grind to a halt when the layoffs occur. You're probably one of the safest ones there.

That's a one week experience you can add to your resume, best of luck

Why would they hire someone to then fire him? I think they are planning on laying off the older people there who get paid too much for there budget.