By icy_in_indiana - United States - Greensburg
Today, a woman called the store I work for. When she found out it was a wrong number, she started to cry and asked me to stay on the line with her, talking about her dead husband and how she hasn't laughed in years. FML
icy_in_indiana tells us more :
To those who said I'm selfish for saying FML, I was just following the conventions of the site. Trust me, the situation was awkward for me, but I so feel so much more sorry for the lady who called. She was meaning to call who I assume to be family or a friend to ask for toilet paper, but instead called the grocery store. I stayed on the line for a short while, but since we're not allowed to take personal calls at work, I had to refer her to someone else. I can only hope that she found someone to keep her company.
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Especially since it's the holidays... She must have really needed to feel some kind of connection to another person during a time of year that, most likely, held many warm but now bittersweet memories of times shared with her spouse.
Much love to you, OP, if you managed to give her such a gift for Christmas.

  narren  |  2

I don't doubt that's it's helpful to have someone there for you, but don't inconvenience people you don't know. You wouldn't lack a support structure in your time of need if you were always good to others

By  yahoowizard  |  16

I know it's weird to be in the situation you were in but I'm sure the woman on the phone was extremely thankful that you did stay on the line. Sounds like she had no one close to talk to about her husband and letting it out with you could have relieved her a bit.

  SuperMew  |  22

Most people who call customer service are used to waiting, especially around the holiday season. I would rather wait five minutes and have someone who needed it get help than go straight through at the expense of someone who needed a friend.