By cass - 10/5/2016 18:37 - United States
Today, is my high school graduation. Last night I read online that you can use apple cider vinegar to help with head dandruff, so I tried it out. Now, no matter how much product or perfume I use, I still smell like a giant walking fart. My graduation is in a couple of hours. FML
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  jayemerald17  |  25

just washing doesn't always help. I have a really bad skin condition that causes my hair to get dandruff and washing alone doesn't work. next time OP should try hydrating the scalp before and after. olive oil before , leave in conditioner after

  1947Chevy  |  17

Op never said they didn't. I myself have a bed dandruff problem and have to get a prescription for the shampoo I use which is very expensive. If I use anything off the shelf it actually makes the problem worse.

  izziebear  |  15

OP probably did, dandruff is a bitch to deal with. I have to switch shampoo brands regularly and use clinical strength wash at least once a week because otherwise I basically build up resistance if I keep using the same brand. Home remedies like apple cider vinegar was probably OPs last ditch effort to not look like it snowed only on them. Too bad they didn't pay enough attention to HOW to use the vinegar..

By  PANDORUM89  |  21

Apple cider vinegar is meant to be used as a diluted rinse. You rinse your scalp with it, and then shampoo and conditioner as normal. You could also use coconut oil and let that sit on your head for a few hours then wash because most likely you have a dry scalp or a fungus. ACV is used on horses for rain rot so if you have a fungus at least you know it'll clear it right up!

  ABlindMan  |  17

9 - The fact that you think because someone accidentally misused a household remedy they shouldn't graduate baffles me. "Oh hey that guy didn't use vinegar in his laundry to remove the smell properly, I wonder how he graduated college". Congratulations on all the dislikes though.


no, apple cider vinegar does not cure diabetes. Drinking a fuckload of it lowers your blood sugar for a few points for a small amount of time. It does not touch the etiology, which is insulin receptors (lack of them or they don't work). So, no, apple cider vinegar doesn't cure that.