By cass - United States
Today, is my high school graduation. Last night I read online that you can use apple cider vinegar to help with head dandruff, so I tried it out. Now, no matter how much product or perfume I use, I still smell like a giant walking fart. My graduation is in a couple of hours. FML
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  jayemerald17  |  25

just washing doesn't always help. I have a really bad skin condition that causes my hair to get dandruff and washing alone doesn't work. next time OP should try hydrating the scalp before and after. olive oil before , leave in conditioner after

  1947Chevy  |  17

Op never said they didn't. I myself have a bed dandruff problem and have to get a prescription for the shampoo I use which is very expensive. If I use anything off the shelf it actually makes the problem worse.

By  PANDORUM89  |  21

Apple cider vinegar is meant to be used as a diluted rinse. You rinse your scalp with it, and then shampoo and conditioner as normal. You could also use coconut oil and let that sit on your head for a few hours then wash because most likely you have a dry scalp or a fungus. ACV is used on horses for rain rot so if you have a fungus at least you know it'll clear it right up!

  ABlindMan  |  17

9 - The fact that you think because someone accidentally misused a household remedy they shouldn't graduate baffles me. "Oh hey that guy didn't use vinegar in his laundry to remove the smell properly, I wonder how he graduated college". Congratulations on all the dislikes though.


no, apple cider vinegar does not cure diabetes. Drinking a fuckload of it lowers your blood sugar for a few points for a small amount of time. It does not touch the etiology, which is insulin receptors (lack of them or they don't work). So, no, apple cider vinegar doesn't cure that.