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By shmelly - 16/04/2010 04:03 - United States

Today, as my boyfriend was unbuttoning my pants to go down on me, he looked at me and said in his best robot voice, "Caution, contents may be stinky." FML
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haha this made me laugh

ewww dude go wash that nastiness... ydi


haha this made me laugh

hahhahahahaha stupid antiflood

that's ... no comment

... i hope he was just kidding. if not that's friggin sick.

Smh. Just smh.

haha. The OPs name fits this entry.

Way to go dumbass,bet you feel smart huh?

Made me chuckle. Definite high five for your boyfriend. I think one or two man points could be heading his way too! If only he'd pretended to be a lawnmower as well...

haha hes a keeper :D that was pretty funny ok thats it you die anti flood -grabs ak47- dieee!! -aims at computer- dieee!!!!! -shoots all of computer pieces- haha bitch! oh shit i can post now.

it's ironic that your username is "shmelly"

YDI for havin a smelly vag

#25 it's not ironic when you post an fml you can change your username

Today, my boyfriend was funny. FML

In Soviet Russia vaginas don't smell (it's too damn cold for that to smell).

Hmm. I always thought gays were a clean people? (Yes I am taking th assumption that by not selecting a gender it is dude on dude action)

at 35, in soviet Russia vaginas smell yu!

28... Is that a Chocobo?! Final Fantasy FTW!

shoulda done what 68 said. orrrr tell him he stinks too. ;)

wash your cooter bitch

#7 have a man mouth

hmm not your best Russia joke

u look like u r 8 lolol

how is that ironic, Jack ass ironic would be if her user name was something to do with a good smell

#68, bahahahaha! OP, obviously your vag has smelled in the past. Then again, if it did, why the fuck would he go down on you? Ok, I guess I'm at a loss.

lmao...that woulda been hilarous

win!!!!!! xD

ooppps I meant to say #68 win

Sounds like you and the douchebag are meant to be.

your contents may be stinky

this made my fuckin day hahahah

love the name ;-)

Even clean vaginas aren't the best smelling things in the world...then again neither are clean penises...Genitals need to come in a scentless variety, seriously.

146... no you're not, hun.

ydi for having a BF that has a 'best' robot voice

Lmaoo That Made Me Laugh To :'D

once he's past the smell, he'll have it licked!

ydi. keep your cunt clean.

no kidfing #3 i can tell the race of a girl blindfolded by smelling her mons pubis. hey girls maybe its just me but your pussy sometimes smells like what you just had to eat. smoker girls pussies smell like the brand of cigs they smoke too,

At least it was his "best" robot voice.

i suppose it depends on whether you can take this in your stride. your boyfriend should know whether this kind of thing would bother you. i think its a bit weird so fyl

ewww dude go wash that nastiness... ydi

aren't u suppose to wash it first?

air freshner, lul

all I could picture was one of those pine tree shaped car fresheners ;P

This is a good place for a stick-up.

same haha

I think I should check to see if he was right.

Were the contents stinky?

lol well at least he's lickin it clean now

yum! the fish smell is all gone :D

"Danger, Will Robinson, danger!" The worse you stink, the more he loves you.

Who wouldn't love a sexy blue waffle?

Hahaha. My friends were talking about that last night. Google "blue waffle" if you don't know what it means. Also, it's nsfw.

Ewww. Thanks. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

dude that is one of the funniest picture I have ever seen. where did you get it at

Don't ever look at the blue waffle, you'll be a worse person for it. I know. I looked and I am a lesser man for it. Also, don't learn what felching is. Same thing. The world will end when they put video of someone felching the blue waffle on YouTube.

Frebreeze? YDI

Nwahahaaa!!!!!!! Fail!

Aw dammit me fail....(sad face)