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Today, I posted my status on Facebook as "slightly hungover." My grandma commented on it with "liar, you were helping me clean last night." She's right. FML
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You're cool. Posting fake Facebook starters always makes you cooler.

You're cool. Posting pictures of yourself with big headphones and not smiling always means you're cool.


You're cool. Posting fake Facebook starters always makes you cooler.

You're cool. Posting pictures of yourself with big headphones and not smiling always means you're cool.

I hate when people do this no matter what. "woo look at me I'm drinking underage I'm soo cool!" or "i just smoked 3 bowls!" if you wanna do that stuff it's whatever, but don't post it on fakebook cause if you're one day looking for a job the employers could go to those statuses and not hire you

yeah and being in such a rush to have the first comment that you wrote starters instead of statuses... fail.

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your grandma sounds hardcore.

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I'm hung over from reading this post. also slight aroused... wait nope just gas

hahah my grandma(s) have FB's but YDI and like ^^^^^^ said employers could look at that, your a dumbass

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YDI for lieing and HAHA for getting caught

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You're friends with ur grandma on face book??? WRONG!!!

staying off facebook makes you cooler:) shows you have better things to do then show off or talk to a wall

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128. so I have my grandpa and grandma on Facebook. they added me as friends and I didn't want to be rude and just say no. but I don't have anything to worry about because they never get on.

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My coolness has been deactivated since 2007.

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idk how to message you but consider this a message! hi

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Omg rule #1 on Facebook, never add your family members! Never! Cuz it never turns out good -.- YDI for not knowing the rule and having no life

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I don't have a Facebook, but my grandma does. My grandma spends more time on a computer than I do.

All of you who are using Facebook or any social networking site are being secretly monitored by the government!

211 if ThTs true.. the government knows a lot about me now haha that wud b sucky

Why the **** would an employer care if someone wrote that shit on Facebook LOL. If they are dependable for work but like to tip the bottle every now and then on days off any employer with half a brain would not give a shit.

I wouldn't hate for you being photogenic. But I will hate on you for faking. that photo is NOT half Vietnamese Australian.

why the **** would i lie bout my nationality ???

this is why I don't add family members as friends

wait is your name glassmaster? the ice cream truck vending company is called mr.softee and it's always more than i can afford, hence my username..

FYI even if u have family on facebook it doesnt matter coz wen u post stuff u can block it from them

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^^^^damn how many tries till the photoshopping got it right haha

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^^^how many times did u photo shop till it came out flawless??? (natural beauty is always better )

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just loook at ur picture thats somethinn youd do

I was thinking the same thing about the headphones.

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actually they are trying to make it so employers are not allowed to look at fb stuff and such

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actually they are trying to make it so employers are not allowed to look at fb stuff and such

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@mflifesrsly i appreciate the ones that post those kind of statuses, it helps me choose who i want to hire.

its awrite mate... if everyone told the truth on facebook then it would be even more boring than it already is

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facebook is the shit what are you talking about?

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Actually I've found that not holding back on my facebook statuses and always telling it like it is has gotten quiet a few of my friends excited when I post new ones, and, causes more funny situations than lying about being drunk ever has.

My thoughts exactly. Very detailed descriptions of even the most daily and normal things, when true, are quite interesting. For example, describing the strangeness of a banana peel I have just eaten, and how one of its sides being leathery and gripping while the other is slippery and soft makes it perfect for making people fall. Hmm.

gayboi looks like a pencil mustache Mexican bitch btw I ****** ur step mom and sister and showed everyone u hate the video.

**** facecrack. I CALL my friends. that's social networking.

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does no one like fb ? i got 27 dislikes hahaha

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I agree with 128. I never would ha e immediate family on my fb. bad idea.

why does your gran even have face book??????

Even if it was the truth, why does OP feel the need to simply post that they're hungover. Sounds annoying as hell.

Both of my grandparents do. And surprisingly they know how to use it. No one had to teach them to use their iPhones either

Busted by Granny, you party animal. Not! Is this you Keven?

It has! I haven't been commenting too much, the FMLs haven't seemed sadisicly funny to me lately.

you're the first person I've seen with a profile description :) I too was raised non-denomination but I've sorta motives into evangelical/free. if ya want, txt me sometime! 612.217.4900

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YDI... And why would you post something like that if you're friends with your grandma?

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No, he/ she deserves it for being friends with his/ her grandmother.

being friends with your grandma doesnt make you a loser, posting fakes statuses about being hangover does. btw grandma on facebook :o

I would like to bang u miss Lang 

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she has a very valid point.

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a fake what i think the person meant

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you obvoously cant spell its obviously

*You *"obvoously" *can't *spell. *It's *"obviously". Glass houses and all that, mate.

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58- Yeah? So quick to judge. You just got owned by IJD. You failed to use proper capitalization and punctuation.

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What's wrong with that? My 70 year old grandmother does. She's an expert on Farmville!!!

oh yeah my Nan is always posting that blingee crap

ah.. I remember the first time I had a hangover.. good times good times lol jk jk! but yeah that's kinda stupid lol..

Facebook is for squares that have grandmas like me (grandma squares). plus she likes my status all the time haha, jk or am i O.o

Really? Well I guess my grandmas aren't as cool as all of you guys haha

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Honestly I found it shocking that Antibes grandma has a facebook, my grandma has a computer w/ windows 95, and the color is messed up it's all shades of yellow, and it has to 'warm up' for 30 miniutes before you turn it on, so no one bothers.