By anonyme - 30/07/2014 06:51 - France - Grenoble

Today, the left side of my head has officially declared its independence. Half of my hair is now curly, the rest is totally flat. FML
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Curl or straighten your hair so it matches

Could be worse one half could be balding


Curl or straighten your hair so it matches

Yeah look on the bright side. You can change your hairstyle easier than most others.

JMichael 25

hell it could even be a new hairstyle

I have this exact thing going on. Thought I was the only one.

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Yo hon... welcome to my world. I live with that every day. Just, well, eather straighten the curly or curl the straight. Good luck.

Don't think that will be hard to sort out

sofitina 20

It may not be hard to sort out but it is very time consuming.

Could be worse one half could be balding

That's exactly where I thought this FML was going. Things could be worse for OP then a bad hair day.

Could be way worse. This is good. Now it'll take 1/2 the time to straighten/curl it! :D

askullnamedbilly 33

If your hair's long enough, try sleeping with a bun on the very top of your head. Gives your entire hair a very nice wave. Might only be an option for women though, or guys who aren't afraid of having amazing Thor-like locks.

What is a bun? Cos i can only think of a loaf of bread, thanks

it's when girls wrap their hair into sort of a ball near the top or back of their head

Shave a bald strip through the middle to eliviate any tensions between the curly and straight hairs.

It would be better to shave everything. No hair, no conflict. :-D

There was a lot of thought in that comment #25. I applaud you.

My hair has pretty tight curls in the front and very relaxed ones in the back so I feel your pain!

So does mine. My entire head is also resistant to being straightened, my right side more than my left side. If I straighten my hair, the left side stays straight, but the right side starts returning to its afro form in about 4 hours. I also have major shrinkage, so while my straight hair is bra strap length, my hair in its afro form just barely reaches my ear -_- I've started giving up on trying to tame my hair, and have instead started investing in a large beanie collection.

ArashiGirl 13

I think you sleep on one side more than the other.