By Anonymous - 26/09/2018 23:00 - United States - Perrysburg

Today, I got random constipation followed by diarrhea. It's 1:30am and my sleeping medication is making me fall asleep, but every time I try to get off the toilet I get another diarrhea spasm. Either I fall asleep on the toilet or shit myself in my sleep. FML
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One obviously sounds better than the other lol

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Turn around. Put your legs on either side of the back of the toilet... feels super weird, but then you can use the tank to rest your head on. If you can't go back to bed to grab a pillow, use some towels or toilet paper to soften the surface and protect yourself from the cold porcelain. Only weird part is that your feet are near the back of the toilet, where you don't clean well... Only works on standard toilets

Sleeping on the crapper seems obvious, but hey, what do I know. You might like that warm wet feeling in bed.

I don’t know which option you should choose, but definitely don’t apply for that coffin challenge!

Sleep in the bathtub/shower and rise off when you wake up.