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Today, I woke up late for work, and got sick at work twice; when I got home I discovered I'd paid my cable bill late when I got cut off. When my girlfriend came over, the first thing she said was "Do you know about the graffiti on your car?" FML
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i hate sarcastic assholes like this one. **** you trolololol

Does anyone else find this FML structured really annoyingly? I had to read it twice..

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How do you know he celebrates Christmas?

because he lives in the USA, and most American celebrate Xmas..

48 That is not entirely true, where I live Jews outnumber Christians at least 2 to 1.

68 - that may be true, but Christianity is still the most popular religion. Also, Christmas isn't so much as celebrating Jesus anymore; it's mostly about the Jolly Big Fella' giving out presents.

just because someone is a christian doesnt mean they celebrate christmas

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if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all - Simpsons Sing The Blues

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That was a quadruple whammy! Although him being late for work was most likely his fault.

I think it's ALL his fault... if he maybe wasn't such a dick people wouldn't have spray painted his car lol

Kindly put your head back where it's supposed to be, Lexi. Up your ass. You have no idea what OP is like, stop judging.

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Snickers, you can shut the **** up. #8 was throwing some light on the situation, you don't have to be an assdick about it. Now go back to your corner and play your Call of Asscheeks.

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did she come over to dump you?

ahahaha. rofl.. that woul be the ultimate shitty day ever!

Is it really your business how much time people spend here? Instead of worrying about how other people use their time, why don't you worry about yourself and let other people do whatever the hell they want. I've been accused a few times of spending too much time here, and it bothers me that other people give a rat's ass what I do. Piss off and mind your business.

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Yeah! Doc spends all day at KaySL's house but you don't see anyone criticizing him for that!

If no one gave a shit about what other people did then this site wouldn't exist... What would you do with all your time then Doc?

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