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Today, after many, many years of desperate bodily insecurity and therapy, I woke up next to the man of my dreams, who told me the sex was wonderful. Apparently, gin plays wonders with my memory. I don't remember a thing. And that was my first time. FML
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If you play it cool I'm sure he'd be down to do it again sometime

If you can't handle your drink don't drink.


If you can't handle your drink don't drink.

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Kick Bill Cosby out and call the cops.

If you play it cool I'm sure he'd be down to do it again sometime

To the people screaming rape: no it’s not. I tend to forget huge chunks of my evenings when I’m tipsy, without being or acting really drunk, even sex! (with my boyfriend, but it could happen the 1st time with a guy I were dating) I know perfectly well what I’m doing at the time, so nothing unwanted happens to me, I just need my friends to tell me the next day. To make it easy for guys: If she can barely stand, is not responsive, or slurs her words: rape. That’s taking advantage of a highly intoxicated lady. Even if she seems eager or doesn’t say no. If she has only had a few drinks, is not in a bad state, obviously likes you from the beginning (doesn’t start showing an interest only after many drinks), is able to have a coherent conversation and she wants it, but forgets later anyway because of what gin does to her: definitely not rape.

This is idiotic. Just because you accept blackouts as a part of your life doesn't mean you can give the green light to men to have sex with intoxicated women. By legal definition, if you are intoxicated, you are 100% unable to give legal consent. No amount of in-the-moment interest will waive a person's accountability for making sure that their partner is a legally willing and able participant. Many women MIGHT have the opinion that if they blackout from drinking and sleep with people during said blackouts, they are responsible for that... but it does NOT mean that it's "definitely not rape." I have to be extremely intoxicated to be noticeably so, as do many other people in this world. We're talking 2+x the legal limit at minimum before the speech slurs and you can tell that I'm drunk. However, that does not mean that I'm not legally drunk at the legal limit, or that the law cannot hold anyone that has sex with me in that state accountable for rape. Fooling around and having sex with an intoxicated person is simply a stupid decision. Continuing to use substances that you know render you unable to remain in active consciousness is stupid too. I'd be absolutely mortified to find out that I had anything in my life that I voluntarily used that required others to remind me of what dude I slept with last night. The law is that a yes is a yes until it is no, and by law, an intoxicated person is not able to say yes... aka the yes is now a no. Just because they said yes 2 hours ago doesn't mean that you're entitled to their body now. Editing to say that it is slightly less stupid if you're in a committed relationship and have a regular sex life, but it's still not the brightest idea.

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I have to know how you could reasonably expect a person to know your level of intoxication if you don't display any obvious signs of intoxication. Like how does that thought process work?

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she wanted to **** him anyway, this isn't rape you dumbass.

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Kinda highlights how screwed up our legal system is though, as everything else you do while drunk you are 100% accountable for.

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Mmmm you're crossing a fine line between what is considered rape and what isn't. Here's a video that I have presented to my fellow cohorts and in class a few times... https://youtu.be/oQbei5JGiT8 YouTube 'Consent Tea' and you'll know what I mean. It's about 2 minutes and 30 seconds long.

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That was probably more than gin... you may have been date raped, sorry.

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Was it consensual? It's not rape if you agreed to sex when you were concious but if you were black out drunk and he had sex with you... then yes that's considered sexual assault.