By dcort - 08/04/2012 16:39 - United States - New York

Today, while I was getting out of the shower, I saw a spider climb into the ceiling vent. Wanting it to come out so I could kill it, I turned on the fan. It came out, along with a dozen of its friends. FML
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dcort tells us more.

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Yes, but it wasn't strong enough to suck the spiders in, so instead they all got scared and ran out....

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The itsy bitsy spider went in the ceiling vent. I turned on the fan and - Oh **** there are spiders everywhere!

Shit like that is why I lay awake at night.


Did you kill all of them?

All of them. For the next three nights he could hear the lamentations of their womenfolk.

He came back with his gang. You must be brave. Watch out, we got a badass over here.

"Fuck **** ****" *stomp floor while spiders climb up legs* "FUCK FUCK FUCK"

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^ "Fuck my life."

But spiders are our friends. They help us against mosquitoes.

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Lavitaebella your cute

Sounds like a scene from arachnophobia

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Y must u kill spiders? ....they nice....

Time dust off the old C8...

Today, I was rushed to the hospital, butt-naked after stepping out of the shower, for numerous venomous spider bites, all because I turned on the ceiling fan. FML

That's why to get a flamethrower. Kill em' all at once :)

I'm thinking it was more likely an exhaust fan, they were probably living up there.

but scary. You forgot that part.

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We got this great yolk for a fiver and it electrocutes the flies and spiders it brilliant

well, time to burn the house down 0-o

That's terribly frightening

Even for people with aracnophobia (I think that's how you spell it) like myself.

Arachnophobia, 67. I had to check my iPhone's autocorrect for that one, so no worries. I just figured I'd find out for the both of us since your comment had me curious.

Arachnophobia, 67. I had to check my iPhone's autocorrect for that one, so no worries. I just figured I'd find out for the both of us since your comment had me curious.

^unintentional double posting of comment. The app crashed when I hit send, so perhaps there's a slight bug in it.

bizarre_ftw 21

Love when that happens -___- *non serious* But of course it's intentional, done for the irony :)

Marcella1016 31

67 - *Especially for people with arachnophobia.

This reminds me of the FML about the ants emerging from the wall as OP was offering his daily sacrifice to the porcelain throne.

And that's why 110 looks creepy.

bizarre_ftw 21

176 - thank you ^_^ I'm rather fond of that pic because it's a touch creepy and worrying (who likes normal?)

*especially for people with arachnophobia. Arachnophobia= the fear of spiders. (Maybe arachnids, but spiders).

Shit like that is why I lay awake at night.

Shit like this is why I sleep with a .44 magnum under my pillow.

43-Because you're going to shoot pea-sized spiders with a .44

anarchistpunk 3

Double kill, triple kill, OVERKILL. Killing spree.

Spiders are more scared of you than you are of it. Unless you have a phobia then you are more scared of it than it is of you.

Shit like this is why I wish I had the guns that FPS Russia does. Nevermind the zombie apocalypse, just keep the damn spiders away.

@43 In soviet Russia, spider shoot you! (I'm sorry, I could not help myself... commence thumb down procedure)

55 - You forgot the Extermination...

bizarre_ftw 21

58 - yeah, of course they're afraid, if they weren't they wouldn't bite and we wouldn't be having this discussion

Y'all got it all wrong. If a swarm of spiders comes after me, I shoot myself, rather then be bound, poisoned, and get my ring stolen by Sam Gamgee.

YDI for trying to kill it when you couldn't even see him anymore and because i'm sure this spider was harmless. karma.

But, if OP left it, then in a few weeks time the house would be absolutely infested, and they'd have to move out. Murphy's law.

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Spiders scare the shit out of me; I'll kill any that I see. Humans, FTW!

I've felt generous before, and left the spider to live. A week later I had a ginormous spider bite and hundreds of baby spiders under my bed. *shivers*

Marcella1016 31

I believe in live and let live. Im disappointed this guy got so many thumbs down. How would you feel if you were minding your own business and some giant came out of nowhere and CRUSHED you to oblivion? Huh?! Exactly. Also, I anxiously await my comment's burial. You bloodthirsty spider murderers.

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Spiders sometimes bite people in their sleep, I've woken up many times with a spider bite so it's not like their completely harmless.

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134 - I'd like to see you personally apply that philosophy when you're being bitten by mosquitoes, or should your house become infested with bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, or termites.

142- most spiders only bite when you're sleeping because your arm or limb closest them could be seen as a threat. Unless it's an aggressive spider-- but most are docile until provoked or they feel threatened.

Though I don't kill anything myself (partially because I'm a pussy, but also because I feel bad), if it makes me uncomfortable enough to avoid a space in my own house, I'm gonna have someone kill it.

The itsy bitsy spider went in the ceiling vent. I turned on the fan and - Oh **** there are spiders everywhere!

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If they're in plain sight it's ok, it's when you lose sight of them... In your bedroom. At night when that becomes a problem...

This FML reminds me of the movie Case 39

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Eenie meenie miney moe, Catch a spider by the toe, If he hollers don't turn on the ******* fan.

31- Yeah... They're going to do a surprise attack! D:

Yeah, like knocking one off the wall at night and not knowing where it went.. **** that lol

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Yeah because then you wake up with one dangling from its web hovering right over your face.

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Freaky film much...

YDI for killing a spider that wasn't even bothering you. Spiders deserve to live too!

If I even see a spider, it bothers me! I understand OP, cause just knowing there was one in the room would freak me out and I would want it to go away too!

In your ceiling?

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No they don't

aruam365 24

6- This has nothing to do with the FML but I find it extremely inappropriate for a 13 year old girl to be so blatantly trying to show of the very small amount of breast she has on the internet to strangers. I remember being 13 and thinking I was mature and old enough to show cleavage and date and stuff, but I wasn't and you're not either. Enjoy being a child while you can! Plus I doubt your parents/guardian would be happy to see that picture!!!

It's not up to you to decide how mature she is.

aruam365 24

It has NOTHING to do with maturity really, it has to do with that photo practically being child pornography and that it's incredibly inappropriate.

Maybe OP just didn't want them creeping on them. Could have let it out of the window or something, but if OP was scared of spiders there was probably no way in hell they'd pick one up :P

aruam365 24

6- You really should take down the incredibly inappropriate photo which by law very well could be considered child pornography in which you would be charged with producing and supplying child ****!

omarzrgz 3

Like I've said before: Spiders scare the crap out of me; I'll kill any I see. Humans FTW!

Spiders don't deserve to live when they are in our house they can live outside but when they come it trespassers will be killed.

Marcella1016 31

I don't know about you, 92, but I love eating neat.

Marcella1016 31

Also, like I said on 6's post, it's disappointing to see so many thumbs down. Unless it's trying to kill you, most animals/insects are just trying to live their lives, so why try to kill it? I know I'd hate to be minding my own business and have some giant douche come up and decide I should die just for walking around. By the way, I'm a happy carnivore...I just don't believe in killing stuff cause you feel like it...

129-You do realize that's how they survive. Outside the elements can kill them easily if they dont find shelter

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Sure, just not in someone's house where they are most likely to get killed anyways at some point. Spiders are some scary *******.

MoonPhase123 4

Sure, just not in someone's house where they would be killed anyways at some point. Spiders are some scary *******.

MoonPhase123 4

Didn't mean to post twice...

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No they don't

weasel123 9

Holy crap... That would give me nightmares for weeks!

You just ruined a perfect game of spider solitaire right there..

Nah it's alright, I'm sure the OP had spare clubs.

Spiders eat roaches and mosquitos, so unless it's a big ol' spider leave it alone

...unless it's a big ol' roach-chompin spider.

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I'd much rather have a mosquito in my room than a spider

Yeah yeahs one time I saw this tiny white spider. And I thought "let him live, he looks harmless" Didn't see him again until the next month. A ******* giant 3 inch white spider. I almost crapped my pants!!!