By Anonymous - 23/04/2016 03:26 - United States

Today, my neighbor called the cops on me, all because he heard me speaking Arabic. I was on the phone with my grandmother in Egypt. FML
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Sounds like your neighbor also wears a tinfoil hat.

He also probably thinks mexicans are taking over everything

Talis99 26

Texas. Not every Texan is that way, but stereotypes come from reality.

#54, thank you for fighting the good fight! May your mission be safe and successful!

It should also be added that not only does ISIS not represent Persian, but there are no Persians in ISIS at all.

#87 I figured that from your profile, but while that means that you are probably safer than the armed troops, you never know when you encounter an ISIS guy en route to his virgins (not that you know anywhere in the world, nowadays). Also, computers run everything now, so your job is essential, so thanks are still in order!

Well, ISIS recruits Sunnis only. And hardly any Sunni Muslim has Persian citizenship. I guess you can't exclude the possibility that Persians have also been recruited, but the probability is pretty low.

I tooooootally skipped where you said "to counter" and replaced it with "of." I was like dang, that's a bold admission. I need more sleep.

That guy is also giving ISIS/Taliban exactly what they want: he is terrified of his neighbor, so their terror hit it's target. I'm in Europe where we had to deal with a huge onslaught of immigrants until politicians started building fences everywhere. My aunt lives in the US and every time she calls me she says that she wouldn't want to live here now, with all the terrorists and sleepers that are going to fight Europe from the inside. Yeah, right. Most refugees (at least those that will get to stay) came here because they had their existence threatened or destroyed by ISIS and would be in great danger of being killed in their home region. Black sheep exist in every society, but to make them out as the general bad is just not fair.

I know the struggle. In class today, I said the word bomb and one of my classmates freaked out and one of them screamed "TERRORIST". We were talking about atomic bombs. I have to say the ******* word you dipshit

Xquisite1 28

Is your neighbor named Donald by any chance?


I'm sure that was an interesting call to the cops.

I'm surprised that the Police even came out. They probably won't next time.

They probably claimed his neighbor was a terrorist or something which is why they came

Dispatcher: 911 what is your emergency? Neighbor: My neighbor is speaking Arabic please send help Dispatcher: Sir speaking another language is not a crime Neighbor: He's a terrorist! Dispatcher: ...

Aerobic_Exorcism 13

I'm sure the police actually came or else OP would not have known they called.

#17 hopefully they just came to inform OP of the complaint and knew how crazy and racist the neighbour was.

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If you dial 911 even if it's by accident they now have to respond in certain areas.

They have always had to respond and usually the cops will show up even if you hang up to make sure everything is ok

Your neighbor sounds like one of those "If you're an immigrant, get out of my country" idiots that don't even realize they themselves are descended from immigrants.

Mathalamus 24

plot twist: the neighbor is Native American. :P

"So you'd like to report that your neighbor is speaking a different language? I'm hanging up now."

God he must have a hell of a time hailing a cab

So build a wall. Better yet make your neighbor build it, and pay for it!