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Today, my boyfriend and I were planning on having sex. He first excused himself to the bathroom, then returned with a sad face saying he had fumbled with himself in the bathroom to get "ready" and accidentally came. He said, "I was thinking of you though." FML
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hahaohyeahwow tells us more.

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He said he had to poop (lmfao) and did it in there. Also, he cannot do it twice in a night. He literally just passes out. Ha.

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Am I the only one wondering how long he was in the bathroom?


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Even if he already came, he could still pleasure her.

can't he get erect again? I don't see the big problem here

I'm usually good to go again after a 10 to 15 minute intermission XD But everybody is different.

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Most guys have refractory periods after they ******. During this period they cant feel any kind of arousal, and for some its only a minute or two, some dont have them at all, and some last hours or even longer than a day in extreme cases

#68 & #72: It changes as you age too. When I was 17, I could recharge in about 10 minutes, five or even six times in a day. Now I'm 28 and I can still recharge in about 10 minutes, but only once or maybe twice in a day--after that, my balls feel like they're imploding. I don't imagine this is gonna get easier again as I get older, unfortunately.

I once knew someone who took 1-2 hours unless they continued immediately after

onealmxwilson 18

Am I the only one wondering how long he was in the bathroom?

I questioned it. Am I the only person wondering if it was an excuse not to bang OP?

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I don't think it matters how long he was in there... Some people just take a long time on a regular basis, so if he was taking a while in the bathroom, OP may have thought nothing of it. For example, my other half regularly spends 15+ mins in the bathroom and by now I've stopped worrying that he fell in or got lost or whatever :P

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May be that's how he was getting ready intentionally ;)

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Give it another try in 20 minutes!

OP, people make mistakes, he thought of you, so that 'a something right?

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Guys usually last longer the second time anyways. Consider it a favor.

Am I the only guy that never had to go to the bathroom to "get ready"? Maybe it's an age thing, I'm only 30.

Every guy is different, I heard stories of friends who lasted - few minutes and others who could go for half an hour to an hour. Lasting longer isn't always a good thing either. I've outlasted my girlfriend a few times and it makes her really self conscious about her ability to perform when she's not doing anything wrong.

I don't understand why 10 is getting down voted. The act of becoming erect is one of the main components of foreplay, why ruin that by stepping to a different room and coming back "ready"? Seems most women I've been with or that talk on the subject enjoy the experience of seeing their man get turned on.

Um sounds like your gf is way too self conscious or perhaps you're not doing it right. One of the best things for a girl is orgasming multiple times before the guy finishes.

Shut up #31, women don't have multiple orgasms before the guy finishes. SOME women, are very lucky to experience multiple orgasms, others might have one, some women struggle to ****** at all. I think you've watched too much ****.

38, as one of the women you claim don't exist, maybe you should change your belief to *some* women don't have multiple orgasms before their partner finishes. Hell, you can say most don't but to say none do is incorrect. *edit* This is based off of your initial statement. I'm not sure if you contradicted yourself or you're talking about orgasms in general at the end.

I haven't a clue 40, I too was puzzled. I venture to guess she was talking multiple orgasms off penetration alone, which yes most women may get one or none, and others multiple. Foreplay; fingering, licking, sucking, etc. seems to be where most women can achieve multiple orgasms. It all depends on the person and the stimulation that arouses them.

I didn't say you didn't exist.... I was going for women as a whole do not have multiple orgasms. Generalising that it's the great part of sex sounds like women who don't have multiple orgasms are doing something wrong, or their partner is. Which isn't true. Every women is different so no, that's not "one of the best things"

42- you're still wrong. Unless there is something preventing her from having an ******, all women are capable. And if she can have one ******, she can have multiple orgasms. Not necessarily before he gets off, but it can be done. Just because you haven't figured out how doesn't mean it can't be done

42, thank you for the clarification. I know I'm not the only one who experiences multiple orgasms during sex so I was highly confused as to why you said it doesn't happen. My apologies for misunderstanding. I agree with it not being the best part though. I personally prefer the build up to the release but I may be alone in that.

#49 I've never had a multiple ****** but I do have an awesome sex life with my boyfriend. I agree with you about the build up, ****** being the lovely cherry on top. #45 a multiple ****** is several orgasms simultaneously. It's not a common thing. Some very lucky women experience it, A LOT don't.

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It's not really the "getting ready" that I don't understand, it's the bathroom part. What is he doing in the bathroom and why does it need to be done there? I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm far more likely to get an erection while with my PARTNER, not by myself in the john. Seriously... why would anyone jerk off alone next to the toilet when they could be enjoying some steamy foreplay with their partner?