Overreacting a tad

By phonnah - 20/06/2012 17:59 - United States - Bowie

Today, my friend told me she was going to start drinking Gatorade, so she could get the body shape of the athletes on TV. When I tried to explain to her that she'd also need to work out to achieve this, she went nuts and hurled the bottle at my face. FML
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and im eating spiderwebs to turn into spiderman.

I'm eating honey nut Cheerios because they're good.


Ask her politely to drink something that'll replenish her brain cells

Bonzer 2

Am I the only one to go to angermanagement.com after reading this?

EvilTwerp 12

That's true, but "you can't fix stupid".

Anyone else getting tired of the "bitches be crazy" comments that have started appearing a TON?

It won't give you an athletic body just by drinking it. What a dumb bitch.... It will only make your sweat the color of the one you drink.

This reminds me of the time I had to explain to my lacrosse goalie that simply watching p90x doesn't help you lose weight.

This's what we've got from the fake people in the media! They lie and some people become obsessed with them! fyl OP.

#133 either sarcasm or extreme stupidity...

It's not sarcasm. It's just a bad joke.

168... Extreme stupidity would be actually believing that I was serious. I know for a fact that if you drink gatorade you automatically get an athletic body.

92 - I know this is completely irrelevant, but your profile picture is a total win.

#123 - Seeing the awkward amount of time it took you to get buried saying that, obviously not.

The amount of time it took to get burried just tells me that 11 more people like to chime in with "bitches be crazy" (which is now akin to "doesn't matter; had sex" in my book), then are annoyed at hearing it.

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I'd just drink the bottle, and start working out

I laughed insanely loud at the image of this.

Original Poster's friend should drink Cranberry Cocktail juice as well, such as in Mean Girls, so she can lose a few pounds *screen sarcasm here*. On a serious note, I don't understand how poeple don't understand that in order to lose weight and to get into shape, you need to burn more calories than you eat, exercise, and lay off the sweets (both solids and liquids).

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and im eating spiderwebs to turn into spiderman.

I'm drinking water to become Aquaman.

I'm eating honey nut Cheerios because they're good.

I'm eating harry potter to turn into the flash

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I'm eating goat testes to turn into Bear Grylls.

myalleyway 9

24- why would you want to be aquaman? he cant do anything!

One does not just turn into Bear Grylls.

And #28 I suggest you consider not eating yourself. :)

I don't have that kind of scar. What else should I eat to become the flash

You get shocked by lightening?... But if not, try eating a light bulb!

I'm eating woman to turn into wonder woman.... XD Wait.... I'm not eating them out... I'm a canibal:)

46 - You really don't understand jokes very well do you?

32- Why wouldn't you want to be Aquaman. Your life sucks.

I'm eatting America to turn into Captain America.

Aquaman is like Superman but underwater. Water makes everything better.

I'm eating Marlboros to turn into Marlboro man. Thumb up if you know the old commercials

Bonzer 2

Im eating a cactus thinking I would become a new superhero. I was wrong, and now my throat is bleeding.

Bonzer 2

Im also eating a deck of cards to become Joker.

And as soon as someone deviated from superheroes, the joke became stale.

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well that was entertaining : )

I'm eating soil... to become captain planet.

winnerme123 8

I'm eating spinach to turn into Popeye(probably spelt wrong). Going old school

I'm eating dick to pay my way through college.

#97 i believe you're eating a cat by the looks of it

210tex 1

I'm eating a car to turn into transformers

labudamike 6

I'm eating adobe to become flash

I'm eating gamma radiation to become Hulk.

I am also eating soap bars to fart bubbles.

19- I believe you are Ozzy Osbourne now, not Batman.

TheVelocirabbit 10

I'm eating hammers to become Thor.

BunchieRules 31

51 - I believe trying Wonderbread could help out with that.

I'm eating my enemies to become MEGA MAN

I'm eating lightning to turn into the flash

I'm eating a bearded dragon to become Dragonborn.

and I'm eating spinach to turn into Popeye!

Aquaman can command all sea creatures... including Cthulhu. Don't **** with Aquaman.

I'm getting struck by lightning to become Flash.

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I'm eating your mom to turn into.. Wait no I'm just eating out your mom XD

abouttosleep 5

All of you up here just ate bullshit, and that's what's coming out of your minds :D

I'm eating bath salts to turn into a zombie

I'm eating fists to become Chuck Norris.

Yah, after the same comment was said three times it lost its appeal.

I_Hug_Cats 26

I'm eating a woman to turn into... catwoman! :D

We all drink water, so we are all aquaman.

The acid in Gatorade is also horrible for your teeth

I'm drinking all kinds of pepsi. All kinds. To turn to Pepsi man.

I'm eating cartridges to become an N64

So, to become Seaman, one must .........

Im eating nothing to become invisible.

I'm eating lanterns with a green light to become the green lantern.

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I'm eating brains to become a zombie.

fylx100 19

101- you're definitely eating a cat....

Guess take it and hide it, steal all her gatorades and hoard them , Muwhaha ha

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Maniacal laugh! Always gets them

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*rolls eyes* Oh yeah you TOTALLY showed her.

Throwing is also a form of working out. YDI.

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OP should be the one throwing the bottle at their friends face so their friend can run from it. After all, running is some type of exercise, no?

I'm sure you will agree with your statement when your best friend does that.

Maybe op's best friend wanted op to exercise by running away.

Your comment is extraordinarily asinine

Well your comment is more asinine because you didn't take the time to figure out what it meant before you boldy criticized me.

I'll let your 59 thumbs down speak for themselves

Wtf is that in your profile picture anyway?

It's funny cause you made the same mistake twice

Tell her that's a good start! Hand her a cowbell or something later

RacistPancake 6

She's trying to get fit, not be in a band.

Cowbells are tied around the animal's neck and are used to warn people when they're coming. In a weird way it would make sense. xD

olpally 32

What a raging bitch.... Wow...

OP will turn into some shape with all that bottling

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You need to stop hanging out with the "special people"

It's because of this friend that that ad probably has "actual results may vary" in the fine print.

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Yikes. This reminds me of a girl who got in a fight at my school last year. She hated some other girl, so she froze a bottle of Gatorade and chucked it at the back of her head in the hallway 0.0

This reminds me of a story I read where a lady kills her husband by knocking his head with a frozen leg of lamb and when the officers come over to investigate, she cooks the lamb for them and they eat the murder weapon. Ingenious!

CaramelMacchiato 13

People in my school buy gatorade and other bottled drinks in the cafeteria for the sole reason of chucking it at people/messing around with it/ making a mess in general.

Reminds me of my Grade 9 English class, we read a story just like that.

Similar story i read to mind was officially blown:o

22cute 17

Lamb to the Slaughter, it's called. That's the story y'all are referencing.