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Today, I had the rehearsal for two of my friends' wedding. My ex-husband is also in the wedding, and I just found out we have to walk down the aisle together 'for height reasons'. FML
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I don't know why people are being so harsh to the op. She's obviously putting up with it and not complaining to her friends because she knows its their day and doesn't want to ruin it. But that doesn't mean it doesn't suck, thats why she's just complaining on here. Yeah, its unfair of her friends to do that. Its not just about a few minutes walking, its also the fact that they are walking down the aisle together, which is bound to bring up shitty memories of their marriage, and like other people said, they will probably have to spend more time than that together. The fact she's complaining at all says that she obviously has enough issues with her ex that its really not going to be a pleasant experience. And yeah, its not her place to complain, and she isn't (to her friends), but they should've been at least a little considerate. I've never understood why people seem to think getting married gives people an excuse to do whatever they want without consideration for others.

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Ohhh God, that really is awful, haha. At least it will give you time to make amends? Hahaha!


RobotStrut 7

Ohhh God, that really is awful, haha. At least it will give you time to make amends? Hahaha!

RobotStrut 7

After writing this comment, I realized I probably put one too many "hahas".

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At least it won't be for a long time. Right?

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It's not that big of a deal, ur an adult get over it srry 2 b so harsh but seriously scaramouche

Cut your legs off to remove the height issue, they won't put you with him then :D

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I think this would have been a better FML if at the end you said, "He's 6' 5". FML"

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YDI for getting a divorce. Vows say 'For better or for worse.' Not 'Just for better but when things suck I can bail.'

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this isn't a fml or a ydi. it's more like a deal with it. unless your ex used to beat you or gave you an incurable STD, you should act like a mature grown up and do it for your friends. the fact that you're being so selfish and immature gives insight as to why your marriage failed in the first place

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why would someone moderate this: this isn't a fml or a ydi. it's more like a deal with it. unless your ex used to beat you or gave you an incurable STD, you should act like a mature grown up and do it for your friends. your selfishness and lack of maturity gives insight into why your marriage failed in the first place

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If you say 'ex-husband' that means you were previously married, therefore you already had your day in the spotlight walking down the aisle. don't you dare ruin your friends day by bitching about who you were placed with. you were obviously comfortable with that man before so just deal with it!

39- his name kinda says Matt...but, I don't know.

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naaah they wanted you guys to get back together

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Amen to that. Unless someone was cheating, there shouldn't have been anything bad enough the two of you couldn't face. And if your two friends are still friends with both of you, then I'm sure whatever caused your divorce couldn't have been too devastating.

I agree that sucks. Whoever planned that was pretty stupid.

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50, veeeeeeeery likely theory...

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Your friends suck! I agree with #1!

just suck it up and do it for your friends because it's THEIR wedding not YOURS.

@White_Fury (#30) - I half agree with you, however you can't instantly say that the OP deserves it for having a divorce because we don't know the reasons of the divorce. We don't know if she just quit because it was easier or if she found out something horrible that caused the split. Though I also don't get why a lot of you guys are calling her a bitch for having a minirant on the internet so that she doesn't go and ruin anything by ranting to her friends. I doubt the OP has any intention of causing a scene, and I doubt that she thinks that it's all about her, it's an awkward situation that she's been put in and depending on her circumstances it might well be very painful too.

Agreed with #86. Marriages are supposed to be forever, but if I got married and my husband started cheating on me or became abusive, I would absolutely divorce him.

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What #3 said. The wedding is NOT about you or your ex. It's about free food and open bar ^^

so op you'll be in an uncomfortable situation for 2 min... stfu fyl if this is the worst thing in your life

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I agree. It's not about you. Get over it. Ydi

Tell couple that no, if that's how it is, you're not going.

Tell couple that no, if that's how it is, you're not going.

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if he's the bad ex, trip em. :)

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If your friends are that insensitive then they are not your friends.

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I'm honestly failing to see how the friends are the insensitive ones? It's not as if they are asking her to talk to him or even look at him. It's 15 seconds of walking arm and arm. I'm going to assume that the relationship wasn't to horrific because, they all still hang out in the same group so who gives a damn?

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The OP clearly has a problem with it or she wouldn't have posted this as an FML. If her friends are so wrapped up in each other that they can't see this, then they are hardly true friends.

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Actually, what kind of friend would ask someone to walk down the aisle with her EX-HUSBAND? That doesn't seem very logical. If I were her I would say no. Just because it is "their day" doesn't give them the right to do insensitive things.

Tbf, a wedding planner unaware of the OP's history may be putting them together in the line-up. I hired my mom's friend to do that stuff for the ceremony, because we were too busy with other details. It could easily just be the result of an oversight or miscommunication.

Your friends that are getting married sound like asses for putting you in that position.... unless of course they were more your ex-husbands friends and prefer him over you. Or they think you were the reason that you are divorced and this is all some kind of elaborate scheme to try get you back together. Either way I think you should trash their wedding.. Eat the cake. Piss on the flowers and get drunk and rowdy to teach them a lesson... then come back with pictures or it didn't happen. ;-)

youre an asshole. if she does that shell be the insensitive one. her friends are just trying to have their special day. they arent asking her to get back with her ex, they are merely asking her to walk with him for a minute and a half, max. get over yourself.

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they are putting her in an unnecessarily awkward position. there has to be someone else she can walk with. just because it's their day doesn't mean they have to make everyone else miserable. I hope she gets in a huge fight with her ex right in the middle of the aisle, then maybe they'll see that it wasn't such a good idea.

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that's really awkward. even more so depending on the length of the separation. that's very vain and unthoughtful to do that for aesthetic purposes. like picking bridesmaids that are all slightly uglier and overweight. fyl. I sorry.

oh geez, take a chill pill. It is NOT like choosing ugly/overweight bridesmaids. The walk down the aisle will only take a minute. The whole choosing bridesmaids is permanent because you have the photos forever and it is an honour that you are giving someone. That'd be a whole lot worse than having to walk down the aisle with your ex. Be honest: would you rather find out that you'd been chosen as a bridesmaid because you're ugly and you make the bride look prettier, or find out that you have to take a thirty second walk down the aisle with your ex? I know which I'd prefer, by a long shot.

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wasn't freaking out. just showing empathy. obviously there's reasons why she is upset about the situation.

wow, great way to sound like a spoilt selfish little kid.

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Just be nice and try not to ruin their special day by acting like a snobby little ****. Get over it, isles aren't that long.