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Today, I went to my uncle's house to celebrate Christmas. His kids don't have their own phones so I let them play with mine. They sent all my contacts messages saying I love them, including two of my ex-girlfriends who both immediately wanted to make up and started to frantically call me. FML
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By  species4872  |  19

Ha Ha Ha, that made my christmas.

By  CGPainting  |  0

I know I'm gonna get flack from the FML community, but I said You Deserve It, here's why:

If your uncle and his wife do not want their children playing with phones, then you should respect that. There are many reasons why parents do not want kids, especially young kids, even getting a TASTE of video games or phones- they turn your brains to mush, figuratively speaking. You get obsessed with games, and calling, and facebook, and you dont spend time learning math, languages, history and science, playing sports, socializing, and really improving as a child and getting ahead. Furthermore, phones and video games can lead to a lack of motivation, even depression, concentration problems, etc.

For you to go behind their back and let the kids play with your phones, is basically you guys wanting to "win the kids favor" and feel good about yourselves- while you are undermining and disrespecting your uncle's family and marriage, and you are inserting yourselves between them and their kids, and lastly and just as bad, you are potentially causing harm to their children by exposing them to the very thing (phones, and yes probably video games) that they wanted them to stay away from!

Now, do I have a phone? Yes. But I also am honest enough to realize what it does to people! Even to me, a 25 year old adult! It's easy to get distracted. Kids do not "need" phones, SORRY but they don't. There's ways to stay safe and walk home safe without needing phones. Kids need to be able to responsibly do that.

Basically, I am not here trying to act "holier than thou" by any stretch- but I'm simply being HONEST, man. It's good if your uncle is keeping phones away from his kids, and it's wrong of you to interfere, for multiple reasons (listed above).

NOTE: If, on the other hand, your uncle either gave you permission to show them the phones- then it's fine. Or if he didn't say yes OR no to you showing them the phones, BUT you know FOR A FACT (not guessing, but KNOW FOR A FACT) that your uncle WOULD have bought them phones BUT HE SIMPLY DOES NOT HAVE THE MONEY... Then in that case, letting them play with your phones is ok.

  brewmasterg  |  34

Just because they don't have phones doesn't mean they're not allowed to touch them and use other people's. I wouldn't buy a child of mine a phone because they're expensive and sometimes kids need to learn about responsibility of ownership by saving their own money for something. There isn't enough detail to go on in the FML for you to make an assumption like that.

  TaoShaman  |  24

You say you're not trying to act holier than thou and yet you do. You do realize all the things you said about phones and video games were said about books and newspapers too right? And where exactly does it say they did it against their uncle's wishes? I must have COMPLETELY missed that.