By blank13 - 09/08/2009 01:41 - United States

Today, I went to Knott's Berry Farm with my girlfriend. After we got off of Supreme Scream, the ride attendant asked her, "How was it?" She pointed to me and said, "It's like sex with this man, my boyfriend; intense, then disappointing because it only lasts like 30 seconds." FML
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What are you worth? Four, maybe five tickets? All joking aside... Those rides last at least two minutes. Not thirty seconds.


What are you worth? Four, maybe five tickets? All joking aside... Those rides last at least two minutes. Not thirty seconds.

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i think i was there were you wearing a pink top? and booty shorts? and vans?

YDI for fingering yourself with a clothing iron.

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Ha...I'm pretty sure this is extremely fake. Really, who would say that to a complete stranger, and who speaks like that?

yea, dump your girl for spilling private info on the street. FYL but yea the supreme scream is only 30 seconds long, maybe less. its not a roller coaster. its one of those rides that takes you up high and drops you.

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What's the big deal 30 seconds or 2 minutes? You got off didn't you?

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Xcelerator is exactly 30 seconds long.

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@#1 - If rode on in a park called Canada simmilar to this, although it was a lot taller. It lasted 40secs. Also, it doesn't need to be exact.

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I would! If my boyfriend sucked but he lasts atleast 50 min ha beat that

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at the least my bf is an hour n a half so i get plenty ;] IF he wanted to he pull of a quickie rofl

haha I win! Two hours is the norm for me and my guy ;D no joke.

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I would say you know what that does kind of remind me of our sex life 2 second into I'm already sick, and want to get off. Boom!

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i agree. she's ******* funny. don't see why people are getting all pissy she was just making a joke, and around people they will never see again besides.

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I wish my girlfriend was like that.

FYL because obviously you're girlfriend is way cooler than you.

wow ur a ******* bitch. i bet ud do something like that wouldnt u. instead of discussing something like that in private lets bring it to everyones attention. i hope ur asexual cuz i feel bad for any guy that ur with, if theyr blind enough to even try u

Maybe thats a sign you should reply to those premature ejactulation ads.


Viagra has nothing to do with lasting longer, or do you not know about medicine? Seriously, OP... the best remedy for early climaxing is alcohol. Drink a bit, you'll last longer. Drink too much, then you might actually need Viagra to get it up just to do it. Be safe.

This poster has it... dont QQ, fix the problem. either her or you worst case scenario GFGI

Obviously his shit is already overactive. Give him Viagra and he will get a bonerache.

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Word. She's a ******* rude bitch that is asking for a slap and a dump.

dont worry OP, at least she likes having sex with u. u just need to work on your timings