By Iknowitlooksbad - 22/06/2016 05:16

Today, I learned the hard way not to keep my own cash in my pocket while working as a cashier, when I was forced to give $30 to a scamming customer. FML
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hoosiergirl94 31

I would really like to know how that happened

Most businesses have cameras above the register. I would have put on a friendly smile for the camera and tell the customer to Fuck off. They can't prove shit, and if your boss doesn't have your back i feel sorry for you.,


hoosiergirl94 31

I would really like to know how that happened

i think the customer pulled the "i gave you a 50!" when they only gave them a 20

which is why, op, i always leave their cash in front of them on the counter while giving them their change

This, this, a milllllllion times this. Next time call for an audit. I'm assuming there are count out procedures to make sure your till is even, so put all the money in and shout the draw. You have to be smarter then the film-flammers and the till tappers. Although, I feel like there's more to the story than OP is saying. How would the scammer know that he/she had $30 in their pockets?

Reading this a scene from Southpark Scott Tenorman Must Die plays through my head: Scott: How much did I charge? Uh, oh yeah. Ten dollars. You got change for a twenty? Cartman: Oh. Uh, lessee. [pulls out some money] I only got six dollars and twelve cents. Scott: Oh. well... that's okay. Here. Just... give me the six dollars. [done.] And then I'll... give you the twenty. Cartman: ...Okay. Scott: Now, give me the pubes, and I'll give you back two dollars. Cartman: Right. Scott: Now, give me the twelve cents, and I'll give you the rest of your change back. Cartman: Cool. Scott: And then give me the twenty, and I'll give you the pubes. [walks back in the house with his money back] Cartman: Sweet! [the door closes] Uh. Oh, goddamnit!

I don't understand how this is possible if the cashier never revealed/showed the customer that she had cash on her.

1jordan1 11

people say they gave a 50, really gave a 20, accuse the cashier of stealing. they usually count the drawer but probably had the cashier turn out their pockets or search them which i don't believe is allowed but that's beside the point, and found the additional 30.00.

the cashier probably used her own money so her till wouldnt be off on money and she wouldnt get written up, too

Most businesses have cameras above the register. I would have put on a friendly smile for the camera and tell the customer to Fuck off. They can't prove shit, and if your boss doesn't have your back i feel sorry for you.,

most businesses also record audio now not just sound.

Varieus 30

#10 do you even english?

Sound = Audio. And you're 20… Dear God…

I'm pretty sure 10 meant video instead of sound. She probably just typed her comment too quickly and didn't proofread before submitting.

But... But... But how?

YDI For giving into a scammer

*someone gets stabbed and dies* "YDI for bleeding out from knife wound", "YDI for approaching a killer", "YDI because you couldn't sniff out that some psycho is approaching you". Because logic.

Without more information I can't tell if it was YDI or not. But the OP says that they were ' forced to give ' which sounds to me like the OP's boss ( head manager, CEO, etc. ) is the one that was 'giving into a scammer' and pulled rank on the OP.


someone can't pull rank on you and make you give up YOUR money. The company must pay you for time worked and if they try to force you to give it up you could HR, corporate, hell even a lawyer to force them to give you your money back. and to the first commenter you sound like an idiot. you can not compare this situation to being stabbed. He DOES deserve it because he gave in to pressure and handed over HIS money. He could've said no. He could've said watch the tapes. He did not have to hand over his money.

The ending on this totally threw me off. I was expecting a robber or something. But seriously, OP, we need more info on this one.

Korra_fml 23

as a cashier, i fail to understand this fml... i have had my own money in my pocket plenty of times on shift (though i try not to) and have never had this happen.

I'm ASSUMING the scammer saw OP put their money in their pocket, then threw a fit and tried to accuse OP of stealing said money from the scammer during a transaction. Manager gets involved and has OP turn out their pockets, showing that they did indeed have money that would have allegedly been stolen. OP would then be forced to give the money to the scammer. At least that's the only thing I can think of right now. I could be totally wrong!

Why would they be forced to give money to the person who pointed out the theft? That's like me reporting a bank robbery and then being given the money instead of it being returned to the bank.

I'm assuming the customer accused OP of stealing their change so OP's boss made hee empty her pockets and when the boss saw the money she made her give it to the customer under threat of being fired.

That is a lot of assumption.

katachristic 19

Not really? Accusing OP of theft (and convincing others it's true) is the only thing a customer could have done that would force OP to have over their own money. OP could have just held their ground, but maybe they got flustered and caved in, or the manager threatened them.

Redgy22 26

That's when you count the till & see if there are any discrepancies.

This is probably a highly accurate assumption

If the customer is accusing OP of stealing the change, counting the till would be useless.

As someone who has worked as a cashier for some time, counting the till might not always work. There will be small discrepancies over the course of a day almost all the time...

As you said, this is why you are not suppose to have any money on during a shift. As far as management is concerned it is easy enough to palm some money and then put it into your pocket. Even though you can be entirely innocent it is very difficult to prove that the money in your pocket it yours. Usually the problem is till loses not some chap trying to claim you stole his money but still, the rules exist for a reason. The only question I have is how did they know you had $30 on you and why would they have given it to you in the first place?

Most businesses that have cashiers where I've worked and friends of mine have worked have a rule about nobody who handles cash can have cash on them when they work because they could have stolen it.

Actually, it's not that hard to prove it's your money. At my retail store, if we have a customer claim we shorted them, we call a manager and the till gets counted. It will show an overage or shortage in change, and a third uninvolved party counted the drawer. though the wise decision is to not keep any money of your own on you. Though how OP got scammed out of their own money I don't understand. Why would you have your own money out when you're standing at register? That makes you look super suspicious.

This is why you always repeat the amount they give you back to them then you leave the money on top of the register or to the side. I always put mine on the far left because I don't keep any money there. I would've made them check the cameras and count my till before I gave over my money. I was never told I wasn't allowed to have money on me so I'm assuming that's not a rule everywhere.

Time to count the till... No question asked

Exactly, if this happened to me I would immediately print a till content and have my drawer counted.

MallowMistress 13

that doesn't always work. I once left without getting my change (16$). went back, explained. they counted down the register, and they were only 4¢ Over. had his register been short, he would have likely been fired immediately for it would basically prove he was stealing money, even if he actually wasn't.