By college0001 - 20/01/2016 06:06 - United States - Burlington

Today, my college roommate tried to kick me out, because what I say makes her uncomfortable. We haven't talked for 3 months. FML
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The silent ones are always the worst. No mercy from them.

just like that guys fart in the more recent FML post

Maybe she kicked you out because you guys haven't spoken for 3 months

or because of what op said to other people or on social media. it doesn't have to be directed at the roommate to make her uncomfortable.

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Can't think of a good comment that would make it to the top :/

And yet comment you must... Maybe set higher goals in life

This isn't ifunny. Comments are ordered by when they were made, not by popularity. You still managed to get buried though, so good job!! 1

The top 2 most thumbed up are displayed first, though.

Uh no. They're top comments because they have the highest number of thumbs. This only applies if they are original comments and not replies though.

I think you're lost ifunny is the next app over

I wonder if the comment order is different on the website vs the app, because the app is definitely order by who posted first, with no consideration on votes.

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That's what I'm thinking #33. I've only used the app and it's never been in order of most thumbed up. Always been whoever comments first.

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@33 The mobile site is the same as the app. The website also posts them in the order they were posted, but the two highest voted comments are displayed at the top of the comment section.

iphones show the top two comments, while samsungs and androids do not. argument solved, you all just have different phones.

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That could be why? Talk to her about it more, OP :)

Obviously she can read your mind and finds your thoughts very disturbing, or she is off her meds. Sleep with one eye open if you want to live...

Could you have said something that made them not talk to you for that long and decide to kick you out?

That's what I was thinking... Also it might be things that OP says in general but not to her specifically. It just seems a little strange.

The eyes speak millions. Better watch what they say...

Were you speaking in Mongolian by any chance?

I'm going to feel so bad for all of the people who see this in the future in Random. They're going to be so confused.

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I came here to say that. Curse you for beating me to it!

lol yeah I was coming to say that too.

Sometimes it's not what you say, but what you don't say.