Customers from hell

By fucking fuck off - 01/01/2016 14:28 - United States

Today, a customer gave me hell because a high-spec game he bought wouldn't run on his ancient Windows XP PC. I ended up having to profusely apologize and refund him. Whoever coined the phrase "the customer is always right" should probably be shot, run over by a bus, then shot a few more times. FML
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lexiieeex3 32

I once had to give a customer a refund on an item I apparently "didn't put in the bag" when working in retail. I saw her take it out of the shopping bag on her way out the door.


MzZombicidal 36

I know the pain, OP. I once had a customer yell at me for not vacuuming quietly and made me apologize for disturbing them. People end up on crazy power-trips sometimes. Especially when they know you can get in trouble for defending yourself. :/


Come to me with that smile of yours and I'll make COD work on an ATARI

JMichael 25

Have you tried turning it off and back on?

"Okay, so to fix this problem I'm going to need you to follow these steps: Open your window, then look down to street level. Jump."

daniel271 13

PC Games have minimum and recommended specs on them, his fault for not checking that to be honest.

Kristoffer 35

Yep, but he's certainly not reasonable enough to accept that.

lexiieeex3 32

I once had to give a customer a refund on an item I apparently "didn't put in the bag" when working in retail. I saw her take it out of the shopping bag on her way out the door.

lexiieeex3 32

As OP said, "The customer is always right."

Something similar has happened to me working at an unnamed fast food restaurant. I put all items in the bag, and she later came in claiming she did not receive 2 of the items. And, with the customer always right, we not only gave her the items but also refunded the entire order. It is a very dumb rule. I feel for you, #4 and OP as well

Considering the fact that you saw her take the item out her bag, were you not able to block the refund on the basis that it's a scam? This is why I'm glad I live in the UK. Over here you are only legally entitled to a refund if you have the receipt and the item is faulty. All other times the refund is at the retailers discretion.

I had to give a woman a new bra in exchange for one that she obviously wore and that was over a year old. It wasn't even white anymore and smelled like cigarettes, but the refund policy is loose so she was able to replace it with a new one... It was disgusting.

andrmac 25

Well for him it would be a vasectomy.

Mathalamus 24

X isn't ancient. that's windows ME or any of the DOS era operating systems.

You are correct, despite (as usual) democratically speaking, according to the votes, you're not.

Mathalamus 24

If I ran by democratic process, I would not be here. Humph, I run by the far superior method of not giving a crap about down votes without reason. Democracy tends to suck anyway.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Damn, the pretentious fuckery is strong in this thread.

Mathalamus 24

how cute, you think its a pretension. it isn't. any self respecting person wouldn't care about Downvotes Without Reason, because, its, well, Without Reason. seriously, if i make a comment, and get downvoted, without a reply how am i supposed to know what i did wrong?

CoffeeChickBlows 13

You don't know what you did wrong, yet you're sure the downvotes were "without reason"? That makes no sense. And you obviously do care because you're posting a bunch of comments making a big deal about it. God damn, whine harder why don't you? Haha.

So in your mind, XP is not ancient and Windows ME is, yet they were released a year apart from each other. Hmm.

Kristoffer 35

XP is definitely ancient in computer terms. And more importantly, a computer built in the XP era is not going to have the hardware to run modern games. My computer was built for and around Windows 7 as a gaming computer, and I'm now having to upgrade the hardware for Fallout 4.

Windows xp came out in 2001. There are high school kids younger than this guy's operating system.

A windows XP pc worth the proper hardware will run any game. Maybe update your knowledge on os systems, because XP is far better than 8, 8.1, or 10. I've gamed on pc's since 95'.

tarlax 11

A lot of games these days won't run on anything older than Windows 7. And I'm pretty sure the latest versions of DirectX aren't compatible with XP, so you wouldn't be able to run any games requiring those versions. So in short, you're completely full of shit.

fallout 4 sure won't, have you looked at minimum requirements for any new games or are you just pulling facts out of your ass?

There's gonna be one issue. A message will pop saying 'Your Windows version is not supported, please upgrade your system'.

You're an idiot #8 Windows XP runs on ancient source code that can't take advantage of modern hardware.

KhaleesiDannie 26

#44 It's the code of the first men

8 -- I'm pleased to inform you that you are full of shit and have successfully revealed to the world that you know jack shit about software. If you really gamed on PCs "since '95" and have played *any* recent game, you would know that, so I would have to call BS on that, too. It happens in reverse as well: as an example, I attempted to load Chip's Challenge onto my W10 PC, and failed. You would have to either run a VM or run it in compatibility mode with an older DOS-based OS. In summary, you're full of asscheeks.

Kristoffer 35

#56 - I was able to get Fallout 3 to run on Windows 10 (my laptop) but in general you're correct about older games, and it certainly didn't work on a fresh default install. There are virtualization programs that can let you run an OS inside your modern OS for the purpose of running older software such as games, and I can run the older Fallout games on my Widows 7 desktop computer but I never bothered to do so on my laptop.

False as there are games that require more than 4gb of ram or use directx that only vista or newer have. (yes I know about xp 64bit however driver support for that is poor considering it is no longer a supported os)

76, of course. You basically disassembled and repackaged what I said, haha. Ultimately, this all is just a byproduct of the transition between system architectures. W7, by default, is 64-bit; running W7 in 32-bit mode limits the amount of RAM you're able to use in the first place (4GB if I recall), which effectively makes it useless on non-64-bit processors.

I literally have no words for you. You're lucky my boyfriend didn't see this because he would lose his mind over the stupidity.

IIRC 'the customer is always right' was the slogan for a department store. Needless to say, it's no longer in business.

I think everyone should have to work in costumer service at least once. Teaches good lessons about respect, and humility.

tarlax 11

Yeah, those damn costumers...

tarlax 11
RedPillSucks 31

first time a duplicate posting has made sense in each instance.

It also teaches people how to take advantage of the retail business.

As #3 said, you can check the specs of the game on the case or online. I would think this invalidates any complaint of this type. Anyway rudeness was unnecessary.