By cwl727 - United States - San Francisco
Today, a customer threw his hot coffee all over me, because it was taking "too long" for their credit card to be approved. FML
cwl727 tells us more :
So I am doing a follow up on this because for some reason a different name was put as the author, I have contacted FML about it. This happened about 2 years ago when I worked at a theme park in Orlando. The guy was buying tickets and I told him that the computer told me I had to call the credit card company. I asked if he wanted me to use a different card and he said no and was fine with me calling to get authorization. I was on hold with the company and it was taking too long for him. He started complaining and I told him I was on hold but instead of calming down he threw his coffee on me. It was not scorching hot but it was hot enough that it did burn a bit. Security came over and escorted him off the premises and he is now banned from the entire company's property. I didn't sue in fact it was just another story to tell my friends and family.
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By  arandomusernameaa  |  20

1st! sorry couldn't help wasting this comment... that is rather inconsiderate of them...

  arandomusernameaa  |  20

10 and 3/4 actually...

  pureportedpear  |  27

^ Spot the American.

  TacoTrop  |  10

@8 So you're saying that when someone pours scolding hot coffee on you, you'll just say, "Oh it's fine, here's another!' Instead of insuring that the prick pays for your soon to come hospital bill?

  rocker_chick23  |  27

8: He has a valid reason to take the customer to court and sue him. He assaulted the OP which is against the law. Also depending how hot the coffee was, sue him to pay for his medical bills.

  gennyv  |  29

I think that's a bit overreacting if they didn't get burns. Just ban them from the store, it saves time, money, and op doesn't have to deal with his crazy self anymore

  wcc7777777  |  5

I, for one, thought that #8's comment was meant for the actual FML, being that Americans (i am from Alabama, so the most "'Murican" possible) are seen as impatient, hotheaded, and generally pricks.

  badluckalex  |  23

op could really make that guy sorry for what he did. the coffee, especially at places like petes, burns the shit out of my tongue if I try to drink it right away. good luck op!

  skyeyez9  |  24

In this case the customer deserves his ass thrown in jail and charges pressed. Because it will deter his stupid self from tossing a scalding beverage onto people.

  isuckwithnames  |  22

^This would be a legislate use of the legal system. Suing someone if they spilled coffee on you by accident, for example they tripped, is stupid and should get your ass thrown in jail.

  pureportedpear  |  27

Atleast from the actual FML, it does not say to me that OP was badly injured. Then i would assume that OP would end it with "I had to go to the ER" or someting, so it does not feel like OP was injured enough to go to court, and the comment was ment for the commen above not the acctual FML. And #50 I would not just stand there and shrug it off, I might have just thrown out a punch or something but, i would not use time and money to go to court
Oh, and #33 i said ban him, not give him another or new one for his inconvinience.

  lexiieeex3  |  32

I work at a coffee shop at my college and customers keep on getting pissy when their credit card takes forever to process on our dated machines. If I could increase the pace of the machine I would. The death glares and stomping of the feet are extremely rude but throwing coffee at someone is just horrendous.

  siggy_mcsigx  |  22

Sort of weird for people to use their credit card for just a coffee and a bread roll or something. As a coffee addict I treat my fivers like gold :P I feel like such an inconvenience when I use my credit card for tiny purchases.


Of course they can. It's a question of if they will or not. Should they? Of course not. Unfortunately, there are always assholes that will, even though they risk seriously injuring someone. People really suck sometimes.

By  AzariusStar01  |  26

It's ridiculous how little patience some people have. It's not like you were controlling how fast or slow the credit card was going, and they had no reason to get upset at you. Sorry OP, I hope you didn't get too bad of a burn.