By thirddegreeburned - 19/03/2013 17:39 - United States - Monroe

Today, I finally made the connection between people in my apartment building flushing their toilets, and my running shower water becoming scalding hot. This wouldn't be quite as bad if there weren't six floors to the building, with twenty units on each. FML
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stevenJB 25

Well, look at this way: you'll never have to take a cold shower again! :D

Bring your dishes in with you and you can wash them when it gets too hot while you wait for it to cool down again.


stevenJB 25

Well, look at this way: you'll never have to take a cold shower again! :D

Although they will not take a pleasantly warm one either!

What If everyone in the building flushes at the same time??!!!

Or you can look at it from the perspective that a minimum of a 120 people share the same problem you do.

48 - That should never be allowed to happen, it would cause the building to implode and create a black hole, which would then inevitably consume the earth.

wetofour 7

How long were you there to 'finally' make that connection?!

Well.. You see.. She understood that the water was occasionally getting hot.. But she didn't know why. So probably she heard a close neighbor flush their toilet, and then the water got hot. Do you blame toilets everytime your water gets hot? No? Didn't think so.

Actually, that would be my first thought. A toilet flushing or the kitchen sink running.

Coreykayallday 6

I'm a guy by the way. I've only lived there for a month.

fylx100 19

I just would like to say that anytime anyone in my house uses up water (sinks, washing machine, another shower) then after several minutes, my shower starts to get extremely cold. I'm just saying that my first guess would not be a toilet flushing or a running sink.

21- 0 confirmed FMLs. Seems legit.

In a previous apartment I lived in, that happened whenever the laundry machine upstairs was running.

plumbing fail

Probably a very old building and poor workmanship on the pipe fitters side. I Reno old buildings and you wouldn't believe what they got away with back in the day.

Some buildings still use water towers on the top. Like that episode of CSI:NY where there was a dead body in it, causing people to take blood showers…

Oh man, a warm, bloody shower sounds lovely right about now

Time to get used to hot water! Maybe try calling the buildings maintenance and seeing if they can fix it?

The entire buildings plumbing would have to be redone. It was quite possibly made that way for time efficiency and a cheaper cost. The showers and toilets run on the same line, that's why when the cold water is removed to help fill the reservoir tank, the shower becomes hotter.

Bring your dishes in with you and you can wash them when it gets too hot while you wait for it to cool down again.

KingCeltic77 18

You can prepare you're food in there too. Be like Kramer and do everything in your shower.

Try taking a bath, put half ice cold water and then flush the toilet to make warm. :)

mimiminx 23

Surely everyone else has the same problem and you can unite against it!

lexi365 20

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Ain't nobody got time for you.

wlddog 14

Well that was uncalled for 18. I thought 17's reference to the viral video of the lady saying "Ain't nobody got time for that." Was clever and fit in nicely as a much needed response to an unmanageable task that was the response to possibly solving the OP's problem. It would have required a huge amount of time, and given OP little in return. 17's post was actually rather accurate. I hope this clears up any confusion 17 may have caused.

actually... especially for me living in Oklahoma where the video is from, that saying is way over used for as new as it is. There are even commercials all over the place with it. #18 was totally justified

Maybe wake up early to take a shower when not many people are up using the bathroom

Where is he/she going to take the shower?

sexyboi1985 27

Far out ! U r screwed !

Really! This sites name didn't help me figure that out at all!

flockz 19

you're the first person i've heard in about ten years say "far out".

sexyboi1985 27

Australian mate !

perdix 29

I doubt normal toilet usage could make the water become scalding, but if your neighbors send out a signal to everyone else that you are showering and they all start flushing in unison . . . dunh, dunh, dunh!