By dramaqueen15
Today, I was working out in the gym when a fitness trainer came up to me and said it wasn't safe to be exercising while this far along in a pregnancy. I was too ashamed to tell them that I'm not pregnant, so I went along with it. Time to find a new gym. FML
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  cheeeksss  |  29

I totally agree with you. Why be shame when you're at the gym doing better than those who are still stuck on the couch?
But like, have you ever had this happen to you? It's not THAT easy to correct someone by saying "no I'm not pregnant, I'm chubby" or whatever. I know OP should be proud because going to the gym is great. But at the same time, it's difficult to deal with the situation when it actually does happen. I'm just saying I can understand why OP felt that way. I've never been mistaken for pregnant before. But I have been mistaken for other things, and yes it is embarrassing :

  Mauskau  |  35

I wore a slightly tighter top than normal and my ex's family asked me if I was pregnant, you feel multiple things when asked that. I had to reassure them by saying "no, I'm just fat" but it wasn't the easiest thing to admit. OP was in the gym doing exercise presumably to lose their belly, the trainer should've asked first instead of assuming. Also there is nothing wrong with working out when pregnant, you just have to be more careful and change it up a bit so you don't harm yourself or the baby.

  MandieL  |  27

It is never acceptable to ask a woman if she is pregnant. There are many women out there that have issues that can help with weight gain and make it hard to get pregnant, so by assuming they are pregnant, you are reminding them that they are fat and pushing the issue that they may not be able to get pregnant. They could have just had a miscarriage, or a still born, and you just reminded them again. They could also just be fat because of an unhealthy life style, but especially if they are in a gym, pointing it out in that way could discourage them as it did in this instance.

  Fairyjoshy  |  13

Because we've had it drilled into our heads 50x a day that being fat is something to be ashamed of 24/7, because some people still think shaming people is the best motivator for losing weight instead of the fact that it's actually the opposite - lack of self esteem encourages unhealthy habits, self esteem encourages healthy habits.

By  caspertink  |  17

Don't be ashamed. Besides, with it being a fitness trainer you could have told the truth and gotten some tips on how to make the best of your time spent in the gym for best results. Never be ashamed of wanting to better yourself

By  heroqucas  |  25

Don't turn away from a good work out. Where I live we only have one gym, so you see all sorts of people who are proud (even if fat) that they are bettering themselves

By  born_hustla  |  26

Ok, this goes to everyone that are ashamed to work out in gyms: (professional) trainers love to help! The fact that you're at the gym is a humongous step forward. You should have just said the truth.. I understand that it would have been embarrassing..but could have been funny. Anyway, hang there and make fat cry!

By  pooldude  |  24

First of all, you shouldn't be ashamed. You are choosing to improve yourself and trying to get healthy.
Second, it strikes me as strange behaviour coming from a fitness trainer because surely there must be many overweight people he must have encountered. Seems odd to me...
And don't change your gym!