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Today, I was wearing a letterman jacket that had my school name and "Okinawa Japan" on the back. A high school kid walks up to me and says, "I can't forgive you people for bombing Pearl Harbor." I'm black. FML
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You should have said (if he was white) "I can't forgive you people for slavery."

Well kids these days not that much interested in details..


Well kids these days not that much interested in details..

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Don't pretend like kids of any other generation are somehow way better.

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The current generation has introduced a slew of values and mindsets that I'm sure people from all generations prior would likely sneer at. Our faith in humanity is not completely lost, but is gradually decreasing.

#12, kids from my generation were way better. We actually knew stuff we see on TV was not true.

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I agree with 24. Growing up a part of this generation, I can't really say that I'm proud of it. The over reliance on technology, racism at a young age, violence that is unparalleled by any other generation before us, the list goes on! I can only hope that my generation grows up quick.

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maybe look up some facts first before spouting rubbish. teen pregancy is lower now than it was in the 70s, violence is simply reported more due to 24 hour news and as for reliance on tech it is almost impossible to do anything without using it. the world relies on it therefore everyone has to.

It was probably a joke. besides the american retaliation was hundreds of thousands times worse.

#35, where do you think the racism at a young age comes from? That shit doesn't just appear in someone's brain one day. It comes from listening to their parents or other family casually spouting it at the dinner table. So which generation is worse, the one who doesn't bother setting a good example for their kids, or the one who is just repeating what they believe to be correct adult behavior?

#56, that is bullshit. The bombs were dropped in an effort to end the war before the soviets entered to deny them a zone of influence in East Asia.

Yeah it is pretty well known that the dropping of the A-bomb was not necessary to win the war. But with things escalating like they were, we felt the need to do it before someone else did and get the war over with. And our generation is by far one of the least racist. We have some discrepancies against ethnic groups from the 20th century wars, but that is nothing compared to US history and is not even among everyone in society.

I personally think 56 is correct, Yes they wanted to test their new weapon and the soviet influence wasn't as huge a factor as they were still a firm ally, the disintergration of relations happened in the months after the war. No the main reason was because the only other option was an invasion of Japan, revisionist theories stating otherwise are false Japan would not go down without a fight they fought to the last man defending islands thousands of miles from there homeland imagine trying to invade Japan... No the atom bombs were the lesser of two evils.

Wrong on both counts. Relations with the Soviets began deteriorating in 1944, and Japan was quite willing to talk peace after Leyte bay. Truman's insistence on 'unconditional surrender and unconditional surrender only' is what prolonged the war.

Well, the generation that is complaining is also the one that created the current generation.

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I lived in Okinawa Japan for 4 years! Wonderful place! I lived off-base and on-base! I do want to go back their someday.

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@56 actually, the second bomb was totally unnecessary, as Japan was in the middle of surrender negotiations when US dropped the Nagasaki bomb.

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#87, I know this will sound stupid, but ever since I saw the second karate kid movie, I have really wanted to see Okinawa. What are the people there like?

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dude, Okinawans are some of the most honest, nice people I've ever met. when I lived there, I often witnessed things like how if a soda machine gave too much change or an extra drink, they'd just put it on top of the machine for the operator to handle. or if there was a wallet on the street, they'd always leave it until the owner got it. in my five years there, I can honestly say that out of every crime report we heard or read about, 100% were committed by foreigners (skewed or not, that's what was reported). plus they had **** vending machines.

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106- Thats not all correct....There were somr crime. My dad was pushed down concrete stairs and died. I was 7 then. Thats also why we left.

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but yeah, blaming Okinawans for pearl harbor is like blaming Guam (a US owned territory) for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. the people of Okinawa are Japanese in name only. Culturally, they are very different and in my experience, don't even consider themselves the same as Japan.

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I'm sorry that happened to your father, zRatio, but when I was there, this was my experience.

Im currently a junior in HS and I take mostly advanced placement classes. Speaking from my generation about my generation Id just like to say that the world would be better off if it ended VERY soon

56, you're incorrect. We had multiple alternatives to win the war.

When I was in undergrad, we had to argue the morality of the dropping of the atomic bombs. Before I researched it, I believed that they were immoral and the wrong call. However after looking at a variety of sources, I believe that they were the right call. It was estimated that with a land invasion of Japan, American deaths would've been around 1 million just to land on the shore. The deaths involved in the bombings were estimated at over 200,000 This was roughly equivalent to a weeks worth of normal bombings as well as the total dead in the Tokyo fire bombings. Also with the way that the Japanese fought, their casualties were also much higher than the Americans. I also watched footage of school children being trained to fight with sharpened sticks in the preparation of the coming invasion. It was ingrained in them to die for the emperor. So when weighing a full American invasion, I'd say that it was the right call dropping the bombs. Also remember who would've been invading- a lot of vets who had fought in Europe and would be redeployed into the Pacific. The other option was the blockade them and let them run out of resources. For one thing, there's little to no evidence that Japan would've accepted an unconditional surrender and evidence points toward them banking on an American invasion for better surrender agreements. Also its key to note that with a naval blockade, Japan would've deployed kamikazes killing hundreds of thousands in the navy. The Soviet Union would've also entered into the war and gained a lot of control in East Asia.

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111, Well 'Im' of the opinion that a person who vaguely references their education in order to generalise and entire age group is not an intelligent person.

how can't he forgive them after all the animation they gave us lol

Uhhuh. I don't think the kid was there to witness it so why does he have to hold hatreds for it? Either that or he needs to recheck his history education.

That's like saying we shouldn't hate Hitler because we weren't there to witness the genocide...

I'm a Finn and I don't hold hatreds for Russians. I guess it's just me & my views. Obviously I don't like what they did, but I think what's gone is gone and we should move on.

If you don't learn from history you're bound to repeat it. It's pretty damn important.

@16, There's a huge difference between not liking what had happened in history to your people and not liking a certain race/group just because of their ancestors' actions.

But he was there to witness it! He saw the movie!

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#21 - Or not. "History is a set of lies that are agreed upon." -Napoleon Bonaparte

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#29 I don't think Napoleon is the person to quote when discrediting things about history, genocide or anything to do about killing people

Hell, here in TX we have not forgotten the Alamo. ..

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9- Do you really hate Hitler though? Or just recognize that he was an incredibly evil man. My philosophy is it happened long before my time and never affected me directly so why waste an emotion like hate on my history book? And I certainly don't hate the German people.

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I suppose the fact that you weren't born into a Nazi dictatorship doesn't affect you directly...

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Am I the only one that noticed that #16 said Russians when someone brought up Hitler?

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116, she is from Finland and was giving a similar example that related to her.

Why does everyone bring up Hitler and not the atrocities Stalin committed?

let just say Big Brother has his ways of making people forget

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Heck, people here in America suck the Columbus **** when the holiday comes around. I remember how horrified I was when I learned he was not some hero who discovered America, but a man who committed crimes equal to that of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

Because, from my teachings, we never learned of the attributes of the rule of Joseph Stalin.

#89 I have a friend who is strongly Jewish and refuses to set foot in Germany still. I understand because his direct relatives were effected, even though he himself was not alive. He didn't have to be standing there watching to understand the impact it had on his family and the Jewish and be upset by it. If you don't have someone close to you that was closely effected you likely won't feel the same.

so what you're saying is that we should hate all germans for what hitler did or all japanese for pearl harbor? just shut up

Yet another dumb racist, they seem to be breeding :-o

Not to mention an idiot. I'm currently in Okinawa at the moment. If you refer to the locals as Japanese they get so mad...

Big duh. Compared to what the Japanese did to them, Pearl Harbor was a slap on the face.

I like how he forgot the part where america nuked japan

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yeah...years after they attacked us while we were sleeping.

Whats that supposed to mean?That Japan deserved it?Red neck alert. War could have been won without nuking at all.And America deserved Peal Harbour, making money left right, selling ammunition. Half of the ammunition used to insurgents in Afghanistan and elsewhere are American manufactured that were distributed to create chaos in other countries. Few days back, American vessel was caught in Indian Ocean without truckloads of sophisticated ammunition. US of A is the police and devil too of this planet.

Are you f-cking retarded? No I'm serious have yourself tested for stupid-redneck-itis I heard its pretty common in the south

Hate to break it to you but America is not the devil and they, we did not deserve Pearl Harbor. A attack on innocents of an island So we retaliated with a nuke Neither side was right or good

Yes 31, good call. Next time someone bumps into you while you're walking, **** 'em up good, ya hear! (the point is, the reaction was deemed a tad harsh).

Whats that supposed to mean?That Japan deserved it? War could have been won without nuking at all.And America deserved Peal Harbour, making money left right, selling ammunition. Half of the ammunition used to insurgents in Afghanistan and elsewhere are American manufactured that were distributed to create chaos in other countries. Few days back, American vessel was caught in Indian Ocean without truckloads of sophisticated ammunition. US of A is the police and devil too of this planet.

You should have said (if he was white) "I can't forgive you people for slavery."

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That would make him think twice

And/Or OP couldve said and I can't forgive you for destroying Hiroshima with a nuclear missile.

We didn't have ICBMs back then… -____-"

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People seem to forget how the slaves got to America. They were sold by the rich people in their own nation. NOT all of them as some were stolen but a vast majority were sold by their own people

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Right we dropped 2 bombs . They weren't sure exactly what would happen. They dropped them anyway. It ended the war and we are the only nation to use. Nuclear weapons in wartime.

-147 They didn't always sell their own people, but rather captives from other tribes. And none of these people knew what lay ahead for the ones sold.

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What does it matter, it would be even more fitting if he wasn't.

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Lets just group a whole race together as one action, shall we?

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I think you nailed Fox News's slogan.

I'm no expert (not my country, not my politics) but I'm pretty sure people have good reasons to criticize the Tea Party... Then again, I'm a leftist, so my view might be subjective ^^

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People have good reasons to criticize all the parties, if you look close enough, even the parties they claim to follow. It's the ones who don't see that stuff that I worry about.

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They say ignorance is bliss, but this is absolutely absurd!

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It seems as though the people diagnosed with Stupid have been multiplying..

Wow, so education still not really helping kids these days?